Thermography for More Safety

Thermography offers a wide range of possible applications and so there are also numerous fields of usage in the area of security measures in which thermography systems are used. Their advantage over other safety precautions, such as visual cameras: they provide an overview of the current situation at all times and record temperature changes – regardless of weather, adverse ambient conditions or poor visibility.

With our system solutions, you can monitor bunkers and warehouses, steelworks, buildings as well as open spaces and plants to detect critical temperature changes at an early stage. A significant contribution to the safety of people, plants and the environment. Furthermore, thermography enables the detection of unauthorised persons on private property or in restricted zones.

Especially observation tasks for applications such as fire prevention and harbour protection, investigation, remote surveillance, border guard and the protection of critical infrastructure are great challenges. Powerful infrared cameras as well as thermal zoom cameras are getting more and more indispensable nowadays. By utilising a long range performance and high detector resolution both open and covered investigation is possible via extended distances. We present some further possible applications in the following.

Our services range from selling state-of-the-art thermographic cameras to comprehensive automation solutions – starting from individual problem analysis up to delivering turnkey projects as well as their maintenance and user trainings.

Case Studies about Thermography in Security

InfraTec WUN Bioenergie Woodpelletstorage
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Fire Protection in Wood Pellet Storage

Wood pellets as an alternative and high-quality fuel have become increasingly important in recent years. Their local origin from sustainable cultivation in the region has given WUN Bioenergie GmbH the opportunity to respond to market demand as an environmentally friendly supplier of raw materials. However, like other fuels, stored wood pellets need to be secured and monitored around the clock to prevent causes of devastating damage in the event of a fire, for example. Robust and reliable thermography solutions are a suitable tool for plant protection here.

InfraTec - WASTE-SCAN ARC Copenhagen - © ARC amager ressource center
Get further information about WASTE-SCAN Monitoring System for safety in Waste-to-Energy Plants

Early Fire Detection in Incineration Plant

The Amager Resource Center (ARC) is a waste incinerator like no other. From the roof of the Waste to Energy facility, skiers and snowboarders wind their way down on green plastic mats from a height of about 80 meters, even in the summer. The city hall of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, is just five kilometres away. The location, which is almost in the heart of a European capital, as well as its use as a public leisure centre, shows how much confidence operators place in the safety of the ARC. An important component in the security concept is the WASTE-SCAN infrared monitoring system for early fire detection by InfraTec.

Infrared Cameras as Life Insurance for a Billion Dollar Project

Infrared Cameras as Life Insurance for a Billion Dollar Project

Solar power plants usually suffer from the disadvantage that they only supply energy when the sun is shining during the day. CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) solar tower power plants are different: they charge a large thermal buffer storage during the day, which allows the continuous generation of electrical energy also at night‐time. One of these solar tower power plants recently went into operation in the middle of the Atacama coastal desert in Chile. 

InfraTec ZMS Müllkraftwerk Schwandorf Twin System Waste Bunker
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WASTE-SCAN Against "Black Clouds"

Many tons of waste are bunkered and processed every day in waste recycling plants. It is not uncommon for this to contain highly flammable materials. If ignition sources get into this storage area, for example during delivery, there is an acute risk of fire. Therefore, waste incineration plants are subject to the strictest fire protection requirements in order to prevent endangering the environment and local residents. For this reason, an extremely important preventive measure is the permanent monitoring of the waste bunker and, if necessary, the surrounding areas.

Nyxus Bird in Use by Border Guards
Further information about Nyxus Bird in Use by Border Guards

Nyxus Bird in Use by Border Guards

Since the end of 2010, the “Arab Spring” has significantly changed the political situation in some countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East. The related political and social upheavals had been initiated in Tunisia. To support the fragile democracy in a politically controversial area of conflict – located next door to countries like Libya and Algeria – the German Federal Foreign Office started to establish a governmental relief program for the Tunisian security authorities.

Industrial plant - Picture credits: @ ewg3d /
Read more about the system concept of WASTE‐SCAN 4.0

WASTE‐SCAN 4.0 – Thermographic Measurement and Monitoring in Plant Operation

In the age of Industry 4.0, the demands on system suppliers are growing, not just with regard to the primary measurement and monitoring tasks, but also with regard to data networking and structure. To meet these demands, InfraTec has developed a platform‐independent internal data structure, which represents both the measurement and alarm data as well as the measurement sequences. Interfaces to control systems of leading suppliers, e.g. via TCP/IP in the PROFINET, Modbus, CC‐Link and many other versions, can be achieved flexibly and economically. The proprietary Gigabit Ethernet data interfaces of fast infrared thermography camera heads permit real‐time data analysis and evaluation.

Early fire detection with WASTE-SCAN monitoring system
Further information about fire prevention in waste bunkers

Early Fire Detection in the Power Plant – WASTE‐SCAN Monitoring System for Safety in Plant Operation

Today's power and heating supply in the city of Bern is hardly imaginable without the Forsthaus energy centre (Energiezentrale Forsthaus ‐ EZF). This power plant combines a refuse incineration plant (KVA) with a wood heating power plant and a combined gas‐steam power plant. About 120,000 tons of waste are recovered in it annually. This results in about 360 GWh of electrical energy and 290 GWh of thermal energy. The Swiss company relies on the WASTE‐SCAN infrared monitoring system from InfraTec for the early fire detection.

Solar Power Tower Check - Mirror arrays
Further information

Luneng Haixi 50 MW Molten Salt Tower – Concentrated Solar Power Project

Solar Power Tower Check - Aerial view Jülich - Picture credits: Stadtwerke Jülich GmbH
Further information

Jülich Solar Tower – Test Facility for Commercial Solar Thermal Power Plants

In Jülich, DLR solar researchers are testing new components and processes to further develop solar tower power plants. The aim of the research is to achieve higher temperatures and better efficiency in order to reduce the cost of electricity.

InfraTec border protection
Further information about Ukrainian Border Protection

Ukrainian Border Protection

For a couple of years the European Union (EU) is upgrading its Schengen treaty borderline by the means of selective personal and technical measures. Numerous projects have improved the general border security significantly by implementing state-of-the-art technologies. This process has not been totally finished, however. Next to the protected Schengen borderlines the EU is also looking beyond. The Ukraine is one of the countries the EU selected to improve the local border protection authorities.

Fire Prevention for Open Areas and Warehouses

Thermography systems for early fire detection enable the non-contact, early detection of critical temperatures in warehouses or on open areas – even over long distances. They offer optimum fire protection even in heavily smoky or dusty air.

  • System environment - Early fire detection
    Refuse Bunker Surveillance – WASTE-SCAN

    Refuse Bunker Surveillance – WASTE-SCAN

    Secure your refuse bunker facilities effectively by integrating infrared thermography in the automatic early fire detection system.

  • Thermographic Automation Solutions - Fire Prevention with FIRE-SCAN - Picture credits: © / Im-Yeongsik
    Fire Prevention - FIRE-SCAN

    Fire Prevention - FIRE-SCAN

    Localise critical temperature conditions of open spaces and warehouses at an early stage and protect these from fires.

  • InfraTec thermography - electronics li-ionen-battery - Picture credits: © Fishman64 /
    Fire Prevention – FIRE-SCAN for Li-Ion Batteries

    Fire Prevention – FIRE-SCAN for Li-Ion Batteries

    Monitor assembly halls and storage facilities fully automatically 24/7 and detect critical heat sources reliably.

Harbour Protection – Infrared Cameras for Guarding Harbours

As important logistical hubs for freight and person shipping harbours and inland ports are always in focus of homeland security authorities. Important tasks are:

  • Prevention of terroristic activities intending to disrupt a harbour's Operation
  • Acting against illegal border crossing by detecting and tracking illegal immigration

Harbour Protec­tion 24/​7

Mobile FLIR (= Forward Looking InfraRed) can handle all kinds of ambitious facility protection tasks. The powerful infrared sensor achieves a very high identification option. This allows separating illegal persons from harbour staff. With infrared cameras from InfraTec it is possible to follow a suspect leaving a boat over a distance of 2 km even in total darkness. In extended harbour facilities approaching boats can be detected beyond a distance of 18 km with this FLIR – this capability yields enough time for counteractive measures.

No matter which illumination level is realised in a harbour, all monitoring options are available 24 hours a day. Nyxus Bird for example is more than just a monocular thermal sight. Image data may be observed via the ergonomic OLED viewfinder, but can be relayed via its USB or RS232 interface. In combination with the InfraTec IRBIS® 3 remote software package a complete remote operation of all device functions is possible.

The stationary VarioCAM® HD head series is the right choice for those who only intend to operate via deployed 24/7 operations – this is supported by the very compact, tough camera body and a choice of lenses offered. It also allows perfect integration into all kinds of ground vehicles, boats, vessels and airborne vehicles. The big choice of electronical interfaces allows tailoring various options for remote control and image acquisition.

Monitoring seaports with FIRE-SCAN - © iStock-1180260798-Sean-Pavone
Fire Prevention – FIRE-SCAN for Seaport Monitoring

Fire Prevention – FIRE-SCAN for Seaport Monitoring

Thermal imaging cameras enable 24/7 monitoring and allow the reliable measurement of temperatures of vehicles, infrastructure buildings and equipment, as well as cargo and stored goods even over long distances.

For more Safety in Steel Production

Thermography systems are already an integral part of safety management in numerous steelworks around the world. With their help, temperature deviations as well as weak points and leaks are reliably detected.

  • Ladle Hot Spot Detection by InfraTec - Picture Credits: © / kot63
    Ladle and torpedo car monitoring

    Ladle and Torpedo Car Monitoring

    Monitor the surface temperature the outer shell of ladles and torpedo cars to prevent idle time and accidents.

  • InfraTec Crane Rope Monitoring - ©iStock-PG-1973
    Crane Rope Monitoring in Steelworks

    Crane Rope Monitoring in Steelworks

    The completely automatic 24/7 monitoring with infrared cameras enables you to detect weak points on crane ropes in real time.

Thermography for Plant Safety

Thermographic systems for the automatic monitoring of plants enable early detection of occurring deviations from the normal condition and provide important measurement data for the optimal and safe operation of a plant.

  • Solar Power Tower Check - Aerial view Jülich - Picture credits: Stadtwerke Jülich GmbH

    Solar Power Tower Check - SPTC

    With Solar Power Tower Check (SPTC) InfraTec offers a high-performance system for fully automatic remote monitoring of the surface temperature for the entire absorber of a solar tower.

  • Automation InfraTec GRID-DETECT protective housing
    IR Substation Monitoring - GRID-DETECT

    IR Substation Monitoring - GRID-DETECT

    The IR Substation Monitoring System GRID-DETECT uses infrared technology to monitor the temperature of substation components to secure the reliability of substation.

Site Protec­tion – Infrared Cameras for Protecting Facil­ities

The current global threat level against critical infrastructure facilities has created new challenges for those in charge of contemporary homeland security. These challenges are influence by:

  • Complex industrial facilities or buildings with critical illumination conditions
  • Remote and extended facilities in a dark environment
  • A high demand for flexibility to avoid predictable surveillance patterns

Automatic Site Surveillance with Infrared Cameras

IROD (InfraRed Object Detection) is a modularly built, high-resolution thermal image monitoring system with manual intervention options. It provides the securing of extensive outdoor areas and security zones even at night as under bad viewing conditions.The intrusion and movement of unauthorised persons or vehicles can be reliably detected and documented. Local light sources do not create obstacles or glare – another advantage against conventional night vision.

Thermographic Automation Solutions - Fire Prevention with FIRE-SCAN
Site Protection – IROD

Site Protection – IROD

Monitor open spaces and buildings with automated thermography solutions against unauthorized intrusion.

Infrared Cameras for Remote Surveil­lance

Always a Perfect Over­view

Due to the current global security situation, the capabilities of units which have to approach this by the means of remote surveillance must be increased. To minimise the risk of counter intelligence detection and perception by the observed persons or vehicles, an excellent range performance is indispensable. Top-class infrared cameras are very efficient operating resources and proven performers.

Monitoring distant vehicles, persons or buildings is a application field dominated by infrared cameras. The advantages are:

  • Very obvious range performance advantages against tube-based night vision
  • 24/7 observation option during fog, through smoke and under any illumination conditions
  • Completely passive technology which escapes counter intelligence activities

They are Used For

  • 24/7 surveillance of rural and urban operation areas
  • Tracking and pursuing of person- and vehicle-related activities over a several km distance
  • Long-term observation of certain buildings or facilities regarding structural alterations

Border Guard – Infrared Cameras for Protecting Borders

Monitoring country borders and the related hinterland are essential components of contemporary homeland security. Operational areas include:

  • Long-distance observation and surveillance of specific border sections
  • Detection, recognition and tracking of suspicious vehicles or persons close to a borderline
  • Pursuing illegal activities in sometimes complex and inaccessible areas beyond the actual border
Oberservation of a border with soldiers

Protecting Territory Efficiently

Powerful infrared cameras are proven performers and efficient tools for this application area. More than 300 units for the EU-supported BOMUK and EUBAM missions in the Ukraine and Moldavia are an outstanding reference.

Infrared Cameras are Used For:

  • Surveying of border sections at any time, also in densely wooded, inaccessible areas or borderline waters
  • Tracking of person-related or vehicle activities over a distance of several kilometers
  • Documentation of illegal border activities

Investigation – Infrared Cameras for Investigations

Progressive thermal imaging technology expands the options of crime police investigation work:

  • Very obvious range performance advantages against tube-based night vision
  • Usable under any light conditions
  • Completely passive technology

The Quick and Proof Positive Track to the Alleged Criminal

In these days crime police investigations require more intricate and evidential tools than ever. State-of-the-art observational technology is a must to fulfill the complex judicial and tactical tasks required nowadays. Infared cameras provide very useful infrared image data even under pitch black observing conditions.

The Tactical Scenarios Cover:

  • Finding and tracing of suspects
  • Identification of persons and vehicles
  • Search for crime victims

Search and Rescue – Infrared Cameras for SAR Applications

Observation of a sailing boat

Saving Lives with Thermal Images

The infrared sensors from InfraTec allow searching for missed persons even over a distance of several kilometers. Even thick smoke can be penetrated to achieve the requested performance and goal of saving victims.

When searching or rescueing injured or missing persons seconds always count. High-sensitive thermal cameras can provide the important minutes required to save lives and they are used for:

  • Searching and rescueing in offshore or inland waters 
  • Search for injured persons and survivors of plane / helicopter crashes 
  • Searching activities related to massive disaster situations i.e. major fires
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Advantages of this Thermography Solutions in this Application

  • InfraTec Glossary Motorfocus
    Further information about the motor focus

    Motor Focus for ImageIR® Full Lenses – More Comfort

    All interchangeable standard lens systems of the ImageIR® series can be combined with a motor focus unit, which is controlled by the camera operating software. It enables precise, remote and fast focusing. In addition, an autofocus function is available which operates reliably even with low image contrasts.

  • Further information about lenses

    High-performance Full Optics

    High quality precision lenses allow the adaptation of the image geometry to almost every measuring situation. Its performance parameters are calibrated with respect to functionality, quality and flexible application. Due to proper IR-transparent lens materials and high-precision antireflexion coating, the lenses are optimised for different spectral ranges.

  • InfraTec thermography - Geometrical Resolution

    Geometrical Resolution – Efficient Analysis of Complex Assemblies

    InfraTec's infrared cameras with cooled and uncooled detectors have native resolutions up to (1,920 × 1,536) IR pixels. Spatially high-resolution thermograms ensure that components and assemblies are imaged down to the smallest detail and thus defects can be reliably detected and precisely localised.

  • Further information about ATEX-certified protective housings

    ATEX-certified Protective Housings

    As a supplement to other monitoring systems, InfraTec offers thermographic systems that have ATEX-certified protective housings and pan/tilt systems. Depending on the requirement, these can be used in different protection zones for the gas and dust area. ATEX-compliant protective housings and pan/tilt systems are used in numerous areas.

  • Thermografie-Kameraserie ImageIR® mit neuer 10 GigE-Schnittstelle
    Further information about the 10 GigE technology

    10 GigE Interface for a Strong Increase in Output

    The 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface of the high-end camera series ImageIR® opens this extremely fast transmission standard with a NIC specially developed by InfraTec. This works with optical or electrical transceiver modules that are easy to change and are called SFP+.

    Different 10 GigE fiber SFP+ transceivers allow transmission ranges of up to ten kilometers with the same low sensitivity to electromagnetic interference. A corresponding standard SFP ensures backward compatibility with the conventional GigE interface. This combination allows the ease of use of the cameras with the 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface in existing systems - though at a reduced transmission rate.

  • InfraTec thermography glossary - autofocus
    Further information about permanent autofocus

    Permanent Autofocus

    Constantly changing object scenes require manual or automatic refocusing. The integrated permanent autofocus function makes this task easier. In the case of a change of scene, the camera automatically applies the optimum focus setting quickly and precisely. The completely innovative, very powerful autofocus system is laser-based and works extremely reliably. Even under unfavourable environmental conditions, such as poor lighting conditions, darkness or low thermal contrasts on the measuring object, this function provides exactly focused thermal images.

  • infrared camera VarioCAM HD head of InfraTec
    Further details about the light metal housing

    High-quality Light Metal Housing

    The very robust light metal housing is available with the protection degree IP67 and protects the camera against mechanical and thermal stress. In conjunction with protection degree preserving LEMO® connectors, it is excellently suited for use in harsh industrial environments. For applications under extreme environmental conditions, suitable protective housings are also available, e.g. made from stainless steel, which can optionally be equipped with a cooling and heating system.

  • Integrated Trigger / Process Interface and Interfaces - Digitally Controlling of a Infrared Camera and External Devices

    The internal trigger interface guarantees highly precise, repeatable triggering. Each of the two configurable digital inputs and outputs are used to control the camera or to generate digital control signals for external devices. In this way, for example, the operation of a printed circuit board and the interval of a measurement can be synchronised.

    The selection of different camera interfaces allows the processing of analog data, such as the voltage directly through the camera and thus the insertion of this information into the thermal image data. Relevant variables can be included in the evaluations with the software, which makes it easier to draw conclusions about the causes of temperature changes.

Asso­ci­ated Ther­mo­graphic Auto­ma­tion Solu­tions

  • Thermographic Automation Solutions - Fire Prevention with FIRE-SCAN - Picture credits: © / Im-Yeongsik
    Fire Prevention - FIRE-SCAN

    Fire Prevention - FIRE-SCAN

    Effectively secure your goods and appliances by integrating thermography into an automated early fire detection solution.

  • InfraTec thermography - electronics li-ionen-battery - Picture credits: © Fishman64 /
    Fire Prevention – FIRE-SCAN for Li-Ion Batteries

    Fire Prevention – FIRE-SCAN for Li-Ion Batteries

    Monitor assembly halls and storage facilities fully automatically 24/7 and detect critical heat sources reliably.

  • Early fire detection WASTE-SCAN with thermal imaging
    Waste Bunker Fire Monitoring - WASTE-SCAN

    Waste Bunker Fire Monitoring - WASTE-SCAN

    Effectively secure your goods and appliances by integrating thermography into an automated early fire detection solution.

  • Thermografic automation for site surveillance IROD
    Site Surveillance - IROD

    Site Surveillance - IROD

    Calibrated measuring cameras offer the option of a completely automated site surveillance by utilising temperature alarms – an approach well beyond the simple and susceptible motion detection systems used elsewhere. With IROD InfraTec offers a scaleable, powerful system solution.

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