Thermographic Special Measurements

For special applications InfraTec does not only offer the respective infrared cameras and software but you can also rely on our highly qualified personnel providing measurement services. Out of a range of possible measurements micro-thermography is being selected as an example. Due to the fact that special lenses are needed for this application it might not pay off to purchase those just for a single measurement. For more details or measurement services for other applications please just get in touch with us.


Micro-thermography with InfraTec infrared cameras

Micro-thermography enables the thermal analysis of extremely tiny structures within the µm range. By using a complete range of precision lenses, the application spectrum of the thermography systems VarioCAM® high resolution and ImageIR® has been expanded substantially. To measure constructional elements and components, microscopic lenses visualise details up to a size as small as 10 µm within the thermographic image. This allows the localisation of error sources or irregularities in the microsocopic range. Also, the product range includes tele-photo-lenses to thermographically register details below 0.5 mm in size from larger distances. Please see our Application pages for further examples.

Feasibility Analysis

The use of thermography in business and industry can be very complex and difficult at times. In most cases, a simple, technical presentation of the available devices isn't sufficient and cannot clarify the feasibility of a project. Especially, applications in industrial automation require a series of test measurements after an initial analysis. InfraTec offers the opportunity to clarify the feasibility of each project beforehand using tailor-made thermographic camera technology.

InfraTec's longstanding experience, the extensive portfolio of sophisticated thermographic technology, the ability to customise and especially trained staff in the Application Group have proved to be the ideal recipe for every measurement problem in question.

Cost estimates for feasability analyses are based on the issue to be solved and the respective thermographic technology required. If a project is feasible and the client wants to go ahead with it, these costs will be accounted for in the overall project budget. To receive a tailor-made quote, please contact us describing the problem and scope of work.

Thermal optimisation on an engine test bench

Service Assistance for Thermography

Building thermography - Detection of thermal bridges

Purchasing thermographic technology can be a tough decision due to a number of reasons. These include the lack of financial resources or frequency of use. InfraTec recommends to discuss the scope of the project and involved thermographic services with a dedicated expert and will put you in touch with a experienced thermography service provider in your area.

Should a certain task require special thermographic equipment or if the local thermographic service provider is unable to cover the scope of requires performance, please approach our Applications Group. We are happy to solve your problem with a team of experiences thermographic specialists and provide the required technology on-site. Costs depend on the measuring problem as such and the respective technology required. Please contact us for a tailor made quote via the Application pages.

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It is not unusual for tasks to be associated with special requirements. Discuss your specific application needs with our specialists, receive further technical information or learn more about our additional services.

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