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We offer a comprehensive range of more than 30 infrared camera models. Our product range comprises entry-level devices, professional and universal cameras, high-end solutions as well as industrial thermal cameras and infrared imager. Together we will find the right package consisting of infrared camera, software, accessories and service for your specifique application.

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Complete Infrared Camera Assortment

More than 30 different high-class infrared cameras for various thermographic demands are waiting for you in the thermography section. The professional and universal camera section offers a professional top-class model with the HD infrared camera series VarioCAM® High Definition. The high-end thermography system section also has a high-resolution infrared camera in store for you with the ImageIR® camera series, which you might be interested in. Attractive entry-level products with excellent quality can be found in the entry-level camera section.  

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Infrared Cameras for Professional and Universal Use

Individual Equipment for Every Application

Professional handheld infrared camera models from InfraTec

InfraTec offers a wide range of universal infrared camera models of the camera series VarioCAM® HD head and VarioCAM® HDx head.

The thermography cameras of the product series VarioCAM® High Definition, conceived for professional use, are the result of close, long-standing cooperation between InfraTec and the premium manufacturer Jenoptik. Their detector formats range from (640 × 480) to (1,024 × 768) IR pixels. 

In connection with the continuously operating opto-mechanical MicroScan feature, image resolutions of up to (2,048 × 1,536) IR pixels can be achieved. The product series stand out due to their excellent quality, high measurement precision and extensive equipment and accessory assortment.

The camera series are compatible with GigE vision and GenICam as standard and have digital inputs and outputs. The series qualify as high performance and at the same time rugged cameras for almost every stationary measurement task. Due to their modular design and compact light metal housings they especially suit for fixed mount usage under harsh process environments as well as for computer-based laboratory applications.

Detector Formats of Infrared Camera Series VarioCAM® HD head

Camera table for camera series VarioCAM® HD from InfraTec

Modular Camera System

The modular system concept provides the opportunity to choose between numerous different equipment and performance options. This allows for individual adjustment to your specific demand and application focus. Therefore, these infrared cameras can be used for nearly every task – from predictive maintenance to process optimisation, quality assurance, assembly optimisation to complex tasks for research and development purposes.    

For detailed and comfortable analysis of all captured thermographic image data, the thermography software family IRBIS® 3 is available – including a package of application specific expansion modules. Based on its modular concept the software permits a tailored program configuration and facilitates its use in any field of infrared thermographic measurement and testing.

Product Flyer Infrared Camera Series VarioCAM® HD head

High-end Thermography Systems for Highest Standards

High end camera series ImageIR

The high-end thermography systems of the product line ImageIR® are conceived for application with highest standards in the fields of research and development, non-destructive material testing and process monitoring. The modular outline allows for an individual system configuration and ideal adjustment of the performance data to the respective task.

Researchers and scientists, who depend on flexible infrared camera technology with maximum sensibility, accuracy, spatial resolution and speed, have a perfect solution available with the ImageIR® series.

As the top model of this series the ImageIR® 10300 impresses with a cooled photon detector of (1,920 × 1,536) IR pixels being installed in an radiometric infrared camera for civil use for the first time. The transmission of the recordings in full hd achieves, thanks to the 10 GigE interface, frequencies up to 100 Hz in full frame mode. 

For reliable detection of very small objects over extremely high distances the models ImageIR® 8300 Z and ImageIR® 9300 Z are available with a focal range of (28 … 850) mm. The ImageIR® 8300 hp in the format (640 × 512) IR pixels allows a full-frame rate of 350 Hz.

The series sets standards as an efficient high performance tool for thermographic investigations in combination with the thermography evaluation software IRBIS® 3.

Detector Formats of the High-end Thermography Systems ImageIR®

Camera table for high end camera series ImageIR® from InfraTec

Selected Features and Equipment

  • Thermal resolution better than 0.015 K
  • High-speed thermography with up to 25,000 Hz 
  • FPA photon detectors with formats of (1.920 × 1.536), (1.280 × 1.024), (640 × 512) and (320 × 256) IR pixels available
  • Long life Stirling cooler for continuous operation
  • Filter/aperture wheel: motorized; remotely controllable with up to 5 positions each (optional)
  • Modular structure for individual add-ons
  • Precise and repetitively accurate triggers
  • Integrated trigger- and process interface
  • Complete optical assortment, from 200 mm telephoto lens to 8 times microscopy lens with 2 µm pixel size

Modular Device Concept

The modular device concept allows for an individual, customised equipment and utilisation in nearly all specialist fields.

  • Aerospace technology, automotive technology, medical technology, laser technology, welding technology
  • Electronics/microelectronics
  • Glass-, plastic- and steel industry
  • Research and development, non-destructive material testing
  • Active thermography, Lock-in and spectral thermography, stress analysis
  • Module testing, micro thermography
  • Quality assurance for bonding techniques and blowhole reduction
  • High-speed thermography, measurements of fast rotating objects in linescan mode (brakes and clutches)
  • Object monitoring 
  • Airborne thermography

Gimbal Systems for Helicopter Mounting

Gimbal systems for helicopter mounting

Gimbals, or gyro-stabilized platforms, have been used for many years as very effective systems for airborne thermography in the inspection of high-voltage power lines, pipelines and industrial plants, as well as in the search for energy and material pollution.

Due to their high-precision stabilization, images of distant objects can be accurately captured despite movement of the airborne vessel carrying the gimbal. Integrated into the gimbal are cameras for both, the visible (visual camera) and in the infrared spectrum (infrared camera), a laser rangefinder and laser target designators. 

The solution, for example integrated into a helicopter, is operated by a user interface in the cockpit. A handy remote access allows the direct control of the infrared cameras and visual camera, directly through the gimbal. The full radiometric thermographic measurement data can be stored as a sequence individually or along with GPS coordinates and other information. 

InfraTec offers numerous gimbal systems that can be mounted to a helicopter, which are equiped for example with the thermal imaging cameras of the camera series VarioCAM® High Definition and ImageIR® by InfraTec. For more information about our gimbal systems, please use our contact form.

Field of View Calculator

Check the geometrical resolution of our infrared cameras for your application.

Each measurement or testing task has its own characteristic basic conditions. For getting optimal results camera, detector and lens have to be perfectly matched to one another. The field of view calculator helps you to determine the appropriate combination.

Field of View Calculator of the ImageIR®
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Infrared Camera as a Useful Precision Thermography Device

Temperatures are Captured with an Infrared Camera

An infrared camera is a measurement device, which can capture temperature distributions on object surfaces without touching the object. In order to achieve this, the thermal radiation of objects or bodies, which is invisible to the human eye, is made visible. We – InfraTec GmbH – offer a wide range of portable and stationary measurement devices for this purpose. 

More Than 30 InfraTec Infrared Cameras for Various Application Fields

The extensive product assortment of infrared cameras includes entry-level cameras, professional und universal cameras, high-end systems as well as stationary industrial systems.

Possible applications of these measurement devices are very versatile and range from maintenance, process optimisation, quality assurance and assembly optimisation to active thermography. 

With the brand-new infrared camera series VarioCAM® High Definition by the exclusive German producer Jenoptik, InfraTec presents the world’s first mobile microbolometer infrared camera, which has a detector format of (1,024 × 768) IR pixels. The stationary version VarioCAM® HD head has especially been developed for industrial and scientific thermographic applications.

Infrared Images Make Thermal Radiation Visible

Infrared images display infrared radiation, which is caused by the body temperature of objects or living beings. This radiation is captured by an infrared camera. Infrared radiation is invisible to the human eye. This is why infrared images are the only possibility to display thermal radiation. InfraTec is a leading thermography expert offers more than 30 high-performance infrared cameras for numerous applications. 

Thermography Software and Training Seminars by InfraTec

Extensive equipment, informative manuals and suitable thermography software is available for every infrared camera model. The extensive, modular thermography software family IRBIS® 3 is the ideal tool for analysis of thermographic measurement data and for comfortable generation of Word reports. IRBIS® 3 is compatible with all infrared cameras in the InfraTec assortment.

InfraTec will still be your best partner after you purchase your infrared camera. In InfraTec’s seminars, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about infrared thermography in theory and also in practical experiences.  For advanced users, InfraTec offers the certified thermography course level 1 (in accord with DIN 54162 and EN 473).