In-process Industrial Temperature Measurement – INDU-SCAN

Contactless measurement of temperature distributions and profiles with industrial thermographic cameras permits efficient monitoring and control of temperature-dependent processes and procedures within a system-integrated quality assurance programme in industry.

In-process Temperature Measurement at its Best - INDU-SCAN 4.0

  • Customised automated thermography solution based on many years of experience and intensive analysis of the respective thermal signatures by our development and application engineers
  • Professional pre-analyses and selection of camera heads and optics according to strict technical measurement criteria of the inspection task ensure correct implementation
  • Simultaneous, partly multi-stage multi-spot analyses, transformation and algorithmic handling of nonlinear thermal signatures and heat flows with the most modern software tools, making use of experience-based algorithms
  • Technical implementation based on a flexible hardware and software kit for fast integration of customer-specific requirements
  • Application of powerful, industry-proven components, that are capable of continuous use
  • Selection between thermographic cameras of different performance classes and spectral ranges, application-specific protective housings and modular system control units
  • Individually configurable system software for smooth interaction of all components
Automation InfraTec INDU-SCAN - In-process industrial temperature measurement
Automation InfraTec INDU-SCAN - In-process industrial temperature measurement

INDU-SCAN Software Kit, Suitable for Industrial Process Control

  • Application-specific operating and user interface based on the software kit
  • Simple integration of even extensive data analyses
  • Transmission of the measured values
  • Exact coupling of the image to the process cycle, synchronous use for process control and quality monitoring possible
  • Recipe management, configurable and editable offline
  • User management with different security and protection levels
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