Industrial Automation

The contactless measurement of temperature distributions with thermographic cameras allows efficient and reliable monitoring and control of temperature-critical processes or automatic quality control in the industry. During the technical implementation of tailored automation solutions you benefit from our flexible modules of industrially tested components. This includes thermal imaging cameras of different performance classes, protective casings as well as pan/tilt heads. The digital data of the thermographic camera is distributed via modern data transmission systems. It makes no difference whether you want to document temperature profiles with analysable data or whether you want to control processes directly.

Thermographic Automation Solutions by InfraTec

Automation InfraTec INDU-SCAN - In-process industrial temperature measurement

In-process Industrial Temperature Measurement – INDU-SCAN

Contactless measurement of temperature distributions and profiles with industrial thermographic cameras permits efficient monitoring and control of temperature-dependent processes and procedures within a system-integrated quality assurance programme in industry.

Quality control for more precision in press hardening PRESS-CHECK

Quality and Precision Control of Press Hardening – PRESS-CHECK

Test the thermal state and lateral adjustment of metal sheets contactless during the press hardening process and ensure the required distribution of strength and high quality of all produced pressed parts.

Solar Power Tower Check - Aerial view Jülich - Picture credits: Stadtwerke Jülich GmbH

Solar Power Tower Check - SPTC

With Solar Power Tower Check (SPTC) InfraTec offers a high-performance system for fully automatic remote monitoring of the surface temperature for the entire absorber of a solar tower.

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Industrial Automation: Benefits of Using Thermography

  • The infrared testing systems are designed for fixed mount and handheld use.
  • You obtain production-integrated, flexible solutions.
  • Semi or fully automatic operation ensures a high throughput of components. 
  • The complete final inspection of the components is possible.
  • In future you will reliably detect even the smallest defects. 
  • A compensation method developed by InfraTec reduces the environmental interference radiation on reflecting surfaces.
  • With the powerful analysis software you can create evaluation models according to different algorithms.