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The Infrared Measurement / Thermography Newsletter by InfraTec GmbH

Dear Readers of Infrared Reflexions,

2018 was the most successful year in InfraTec's 25-year history. The booming economy has proven to be an excellent basis for the sales of our innovative products. Good business results are a prerequisite for further establishment, expansion and development of new products. With an investment of 10 million EUR in the expansion of our cleanroom production and a new office wing, we are preparing ourselves sustainably for the future.

Our latest edition of infrared reflections, presented to you in good tradition, once again ranges from our new products to well-known and novel applications of thermography as a method of temperature measurement.

Our products rank in the upper performance segment and their further development always serves to improve customer benefits. A clear trend in this respect is the increase in flexibility by combining different unique features in one single camera. I invite you to read the following information and learn more about exactly this flexibility also offered by the binning technology implemented into our cameras with digital readout circuit.

With kind regards from Dresden

Dr. Matthias Krauß
Managing Director and Partner

Read in this Issue

High-Sense – Automatically to Perfect Recording

Different measurement scenarios often require individually adjusted temperature measurement ranges or integration times that deviate from the factory calibration. This is where HighSense comes in, the latest innovation for high-end camera series ImageIR®. This function allows users to apply individual temperature measurement ranges in addition to factory calibrations. They select a temperature range and the optimum integration time is automatically calculated. Alternatively, they can define an integration time and get the precision of the appropriate temperature range determined. The calibration will be maintained even with changed integration times.

Kameraserie ImageIR 9500 von InfraTec

New HD Format

The special feature of the new ImageIR® 9500 is its highly sensitive mercury-cadmium telluride (MCT) based detector with (1,280 × 720) IR pixels. With the help of the opto-mechanical MicroScan, the geometrical resolution of the camera can be increased to 3.7 Megapixels. This model enables frame rates up to 1.5 kHz in sub-frame format with (320 x 180) IR pixels and is intended for worldwide marketing.

InfraTec as part of the GEWOL project

Commitment to Research

InfraTec regularly expands its know-how in the field of thermography by participating in various research projects. As partner in the GEWOL project, for example, we have actively further developed laser-excited thermography. This technique is used, e.g. for testing adhesive joints of CFRP and GFRP components as well as the bonding of plastic materials with steel or aluminium.