Thermal Cameras for Thermal Imaging

Does your daily business call for an extremely powerful thermal camera? If so, InfraTec is the right partner for you. We deliver a full service package to you.

  • Wide range of cooled and uncool thermal cameras for handheld and stationary use
  • Application-specific software packages enable precise and efficient data evaluation
  • Turnkey thermographic automation solutions
  • Professional feasibility studies
  • Comprehensive range of services from 24-hour service hotline to extended warranties
  • German designed, developed and manufactured
  • Experienced sales and service partners enable local support levels

We offer a comprehensive range of more than 30 thermal camera models. Our product range of ir cameras comprises entry-level devices, professional and universal cameras, high-end solutions as well as industrial thermal cameras and infrared imager. Together we will find the right package consisting of infrared camera, software, accessories and service for your specifique application.

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It is not unusual for tasks to be associated with special requirements. Discuss your specific application needs with our specialists, receive further technical information or learn more about our additional services.

High-resolution ImageIR® IR Camera Series with Cooled Detectors

The high-end infrared cameras of the product series ImageIR® from InfraTec meet the highest demands in research and science, for non-destructive inspection as well as for process control. The modular concept enables excellent adaption to your specific measurement and inspection tasks. Cooled photon detectors of different types (InSb, MCT), spectral sensitivity ranges and formats are used. The numerous equipment options include powerful infrared full optics, filters and rotating aperture wheels, trigger and data transfer interfaces as well as motor focus units suitable for continuous operation.

  • Detector Format

    Spatial resolution with detector formats with up to (1,920 × 1,536) infrared pixels

  • InfraTec-Icon-RGB-256x256px-Master5.2

    Integrated into infrared camera, genuine temperature measured values

  • Thermal Resolution

    Thermal resolution as low as 0.015 K

  • High-speed Mode

    Due to Binning technology increase frame rates and thermal resolution at the same time

  • Frame Rate

    Analysis of high-speed dynamic temperature changes and processes

  • Modular Design Concept

    More flexibility for upgrades and changes of components

  • Rotating Filter/Aperture Wheel

    Flexible filtering by inbuilt two filter- / aperture wheels with up to 25 combinations

  • Process and Trigger Interface

    Camera control and output of control signals for external devices

VarioCAM® HD head – Professional and Universal IR Camera Series for Stationary Use

The thermal camera series VarioCAM® HD head and VarioCAM® HDx head from InfraTec are based on uncooled microbolometer FPA detectors of the latest generation. Their modular structure offers various performance options and allows a configuration tailored to customer requirements and applications. Belonging to the equipment of both series is a shock-resistant light metal housing. It allows permanent installation in harsh industrial environments and, if desired, fulfils the requirements of degree of protection IP67. Supporting with GigE Vision and GenICam industry-wide standards for data transfer and image processing, these thermal camera series permit easy integration into existing system environments.

  • Detector Format

    High-end detectors with up to (1,024 × 768) infrared pixels