The world market leader Morgan Thermal Ceramics has been operating in the furnace insulation business for more than 30 years. Being present in nearly all parts of the world for such a long time a vast experience has been gained. Its customers can make use of this experience by expert software predicting the best time for repairs or total replacement of the insulation depending upon a variety of parameters. This is a big step ahead from traditional guts feeling when planning and repairing refractory lining. Still each customer process is different and existing prediction cannot take into account all parameters.

In this situation Steve Chernak and his team thought about thermography. This technology has been around for a while also being used in furnace insulation monitoring. Temperatures can be contactless measured enabling quick and precise measurements when and where needed. Employees will not have to go close to the equipment any longer and can measure from save and convenient distances.

The idea of the team was to compare the suggestions the software models proposed with the findings by using high-quality thermal cameras. Due to the high geometrical resolution of (640 x 480) pixels of the VarioCAM® series infrared camera Steve Chernak gets a large field of view and still can resolve small details. That is making his work very efficient not having to take many images and stitching them together. The other even more important advantage of his camera is the excellent thermal resolution. Thus already minor problems of the insulation materials can be spotted and com-pared with the results of the theoretical software model.

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Infrared camera: VarioCAM® series

InfraTec thermography reference - Thermal Ceramics
InfraTec thermography reference - Thermal Ceramics

Steve Chernack is sure that combining the recommendations of Morgan Thermal Ceramics´ software and actual findings using an infrared camera can greatly support plant engineers in taking the right and on-time decision between a fast hot-spot repair and a complete installation of new furnace lining.

Advantages of this Thermography Solutions in this Application

  • InfraTec thermography - Geometrical Resolution

    Geometrical Resolution – Efficient Analysis of Complex Assemblies

    InfraTec's infrared cameras with cooled and uncooled detectors have native resolutions up to (1,920 × 1,536) IR pixels. Spatially high-resolution thermograms ensure that components and assemblies are imaged down to the smallest detail and thus defects can be reliably detected and precisely localised.

  • InfraTec thermography - Thermal resolution

    Thermal Resolution – Determination of Differences of Only a Few Millikelvin

    For detection of small temperature changes InfraTec's infrared cameras offer thermal resolutions up to < 15 mK in real-time operation. By using the Lock-in Thermography method it is possible to further increase this resolution significantly. For this purpose test objects are periodically excited and non-destructively examined for defects and irregularities.

Relevant Industries & Applications

  • thermal imaging in chemical industry
    Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

    Systematically control reactive process heat and display with infrared camera systems of InfraTec.

  • thermal imaging in metallurgy


    Efficiently reduce the energy consumption of your metallurgic processes using infrared camera systems.

  • thermal imaging for asset inspections
    Plant Inspection

    Plant Inspection

    Using infrared camera systems and thermographic software by InfraTec will make you more efficient and more productive.