Displaying Temperature Distribution by Means of a Thermal Image

With the aid of the software series IRBIS® 3 by InfraTec you can evaluate and document thermal images effectively and comfortably. These thermograms are displayed in a so-called false colour image. A specific temperature is assigned to every point on the thermogram. The temperatures are then displayed as a specific colour, which is determined by the selected colour palette. Numerous operations to evaluate thermographic images are available, for instance the designation of measurement fields, the display of temperature profiles or the display of minimum and maximum temperatures. 

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Further Information about Thermal Images

Extensive evaluation is possible with further features and options. The modular software concept of the IRBIS® 3 series allows an individual and customised software layout for every application field and is therefore suited for the universal evaluation of all different types of thermal images. Multiple software packages, tailored for different performance levels, are available: IRBIS® 3, IRBIS® 3 plus and IRBIS® 3 professional.

InfraTec also offers an evaluation package for thermographic construction analysis by means of thermal investigation with the software FORNAX 2. This package is based on an implemented material- and climatic database and therefore allows extensive construction calculations and evaluations.

InfraTec Cameras for the Acquisition of Thermal Images

  • High End Camera Series ImageIR from InfraTec
    High-end cameras

    High-end cameras

    The high-end thermographic systems of the product series ImageIR® are designed for highly demanding applications in the field of research and development, for non-destructive testing as well as process monitoring. They are based on a modular design concept enabling excellent adjustment to the respective applications. The optical channel consists of an interchangeable infrared lens as well as application-specifically usable apertures, filters, reference and optical elements. Highly accurate robust precision engineering in combination with computer-controlled sensors and actuating elements ensure radiometric stability amongst all application conditions. Cooled focal plane array detectors of different types (InSb, MCT) come into operation working in snapshot mode. The detector assortment ranges from formats with (320 x 256) IR pixels up to (1,920 x 1,536) IR pixels. Depending on the type of detector and camera equipment, frame rates up to 25,000 Hz can be achieved. 

  • Infrared camera models for stationary use
    Industrial thermal cameras

    Industrial thermal cameras

    Cameras of most different performance count among the class of industrial thermal cameras. Based on cooled and uncooled detectors of various types and formats entry level cameras as well as high-end models can be found here. Rugged, extreme resistant camera housings with a high protection degree are common to all. Compact dimensions and the equipment with numerous interfaces facilitate the integration into existing system environments. That is a reason why industrial thermal cameras are applied in various turnkey thermographic automation solutions from InfraTec.

  • Professional handheld infrared camera models from InfraTec
    Professional and universal cameras

    Professional and universal cameras

    The infrared camera series VarioCAM® High Definition and VarioCAM® HDx are manufactured in Germany and impress with outstanding performance parameters. Both open up numerous applications for users. Their concept is based on high-performance uncooled microbolometer detectors of the latest generation. Designed for the professional handheld and fixed mount usage these cameras − as required – are available on geometric resolutions of (640 x 480) IR pixels and (1,024 x 768) IR pixels. The combination of an outstanding thermal resolution and high-luminosity precision optics enables for crystal clear images to be captured. Professional and universal cameras can be applied in nearly every field of application ranging from building thermography to maintenance and to quality assurance or complex tasks in research and development.

Relevant Indus­tries & Applic­a­tions for Thermography

  • Active Thermography - Picture Credits: © Rainer / Fotolia.com
    Active Thermography

    Active Thermography

    Make use of active thermography for non-destructive and contact-free material testing, for both automated inline and offline solutions.

  • InfraTec - Additive manufacturing for process control
    Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing

    By in-line monitoring of thermal process parameters, infrared cameras from InfraTec support the optimisation of additive manufacturing processes.

  • thermography for aerial photography
    Aerial Thermography

    Aerial Thermography

    Detect persons and objects in the field or monitor wide-area geologic properties or environmental damages.

  • thermal imaging in aviation
    Aerospace Industry

    Aerospace Industry

    Comply with highest security demands by applying state-of-the-art infrared camera systems.

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  • Automated Solutions by InfraTec - Picture Credits: © iStock.com / ToddMedia
    Automated Solutions from InfraTec

    Automated Solutions from InfraTec

    Automated thermographic solutions from InfraTec provide you with reliable information about even the smallest temperature developments and distributions - efficiently and cost-effectively. Based on our proven modular system, we configure a system for you that is tailored to your specific requirements. All components such as thermographic cameras, transmission and display devices, industrial PC and software are suitable for continuous industrial operation. You can use ATEX-certified protective housings and pan/tilt heads wherever the ambient conditions require it.

  • InfraTec service
    Full service package from InfraTec

    Full Service Package

    For more than 30 years InfraTec has been providing comprehensive service in addition to high-end thermographic cameras. For example, you can have your camera recalibrated by us. On the basis of a project analysis, we assist you in the realization of thermographic measurements and tests. In the event of a malfunction, you will receive extensive support from our in-house service department via remote maintenance. Let’s find out, what we can do for you.

  • InfraTec camera equipment
    Ask for your suitable accessories

    InfraTec IR Camera Equipment

    InfraTec offers high-quality accessories for all camera series. This allows users to flexibly adapt their camera to changing test and measurement environments and optimize it for daily indoor and outdoor use. The corresponding components are specially designed for the corresponding model and open up new possibilities – for current applications and new tasks.