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For centuries the body temperature has been a vital indicator helping doctors to diagnose illnesses. Originally he would rely on his experience to sense if a patient had an elevated temperature, but with the invention of the thermometer a quantifiable measurement could be made. Even with the use of a thermometer only an indication of a spot temperature can be obtained. Infrared thermography provides the complete picture, noninvasive temperature measurement of the complete body part.

This potential was identified by Dr. med. Fritz H. Hemmerich. He had worked as a head physician of a gynaecological hospital in Germany and is now the medical director of the Centre for Salutogenesis in Tenerife. Thermography is used as a very important tool during patient examinations and because in contrast to other technologies like X‐ray no additional stress is applied to the body it fits well with the concept of salutogenesis. Dr. med. Fritz H. Hemmerich can therefore concentrate on the complete well being of his patients without the interference of a multitude of technical instruments and speed up the convalescence in harmony with nature.

The high demands of Dr. med. Fritz H. Hemmerich patients was matched by the high demands he put forward in his search for a suitable thermographic camera. He finally went for the high quality product made by Jenoptik – VarioCAM®‐series. The camera made in the centre of the German optical industry Jena has been used on a daily basis for over a year by Dr. med. Fritz H. Hemmerich and proved to be 100% reliable in its precise measurements. His measurements are carried out with a high geometric resolution of (384 x 288) pixels and a thermal resolution of up to 0.05 °C. This combination assures that even the smallest changes in temperature within the area of interest can be observed and a well directed diagnosis can be made (see Fig. 1).

Also the success of the treatments of frontal lobe blood perfusion, balance and auricular problems done in the Centre for Salutogenesis are monitored by Dr. med. Hemmerich using his thermographic camera (see Fig. 2 and 3).

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Infrared camera: VarioCAM®‐series

thermography Reference - Thermography for Health

Inhomogeneous blood circulation with hyperfusion and hypoperfusion at the temporal lobe (diagnosing temporal lobe transients [TLT])]).

thermography Reference - Thermography for Health

Thermal image before the treatment.

thermography Reference - Thermography for Health

Thermal image after the treatment.

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