SDK Integration in MATLAB and LabVIEW

(MS Windows-based)

InfraTec’s powerful SDK offers best conditions for a convenient integration:

  • Recording of real-time thermographic data in various adjustable formats (temperature data in Kelvin, 16-bit digital values, 32-bit bitmap, 8-bit data)
  • Real-time calculation of temperature values in °C as well as relevant characteristic values such as minimum, maximum, mean value and standard deviation
  • Operation, control and parameterisation of the thermographic camera via remote access
  • Optional connections for the development environments MathWorks, LabVIEW and MATLAB
  • Software development is being conducted at InfraTec's headquarters in Germany

Two SDK versions – Perfectly adapted for online and offline data analysis

  • irbgrab-SDK: Integration of radiometric temperature data based on the live data of the camera (via MS Visual Studio C++ VS 2017, C#, Free Pascal, Python)
  • irbacs-SDK: Analysis of IRB data (via MS Visual C++ 2017, Free Pascal)
  • Usable as add-on in MATLAB and LabVIEW (irbgrab-SDK)

MATLAB – High performance with native integration

  • All functions of SDK are available in MATLAB
  • Comprehensive access to thermographic camera functions (acquisition of calibrated temperature data, full control of all specific camera features)
  • Maximum performance by use of native integration
  • Better performance and additional benefits by saving data in IRB files (compatible to IRBIS® 3, compressed storage of radiometric data, etc.)
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