Advantages of Pyroelectric Detectors by InfraTec

As part of the family of thermal detectors, a pyroelectric detector, unlike semiconductor detectors (InGaAs, PbS, PbSe), are equipped with a highly efficient, absorbent black layer and thus has an extremely broad, spectrally and laterally homogeneous sensitivity. Semiconductor detectors achieve a higher specific detectivity than pyroelectric detectors when operated with up to a wavelength range of 3 µm at room temperature.

Compared to thermopile detectors, which may also detect long wavelength infrared radiation at room temperature, a pyroelectric detector by InfraTec is much faster and operates with significantly higher signal voltage, even without additional preamplification. Optimal conditions for pyroelectric detectors are at wavelengths between (2.5 and 25) µm and modulation frequencies (0.5 to 400) Hz.

InfraTec pyroelectric infrared detectors use special black layers for absorption and can therefore even be used as large-scale, long-term stable receivers of UV radiation (i.e. 193 nm), but can also be used for THz radiation in the range of 100 µm to 1 mm.

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All steps in development and production take place in our main building in Dresden, starting with development and simulation to design and prototyping to the volume production of detectors. Technologies are designed with redundancy and produce a complete in-house technological process. PVD, chip and wire bonding and product measurements are automated, what removes the variations of the manual manufacturing. This results in a constant high quality in all fields, even with the most demanding manufacturing and testing processes.

InfraTecpyroelectric infrared detectors use polished double sided LiTaO3 single crystals as a polyelectric material, which due to a specific process, produces very thin (25 µm), highly sensitive, low-noise pyroelectric chips in an automated batch process.

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InfraTec offers five different product groups including approximately 50 standard pyroelectric detectors. Choose your suitable infrared detectors with the help of our detailed detector search.

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