Application Notes from InfraTec

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  • InfraTec detector manual circuit suggestions - Picture Credits: © photoworld, Andrey Popov /


    Conversion principle and parameters of pyroelectric detectors

  • InfraTec detector manual amplification - Picture Credits: © / peshkova

    Integrated Amplification

    Functionality and properties of detectors using current or voltage mode operation

  • InfraTec detector manual temperature behaviour - Picture Credits: © VRD /

    Temperature Behaviour

    Learn more about sources and implications of thermal effects on detector behaviour

  • InfraTec detector manual circuit microfony - Picture Credits: © shamtor /

    Microphonic Effect

    Impact of mechanic vibration on detectors and how it can be minimised

  • InfraTec detector manual circuit suggestions - Picture Credits: © ff-fotodesign /

    Circuit Suggestions

    Test and application circuits

  • InfraTec detector manual - handling recommendations

    Handling Recommendations

    Safe transport, storage and processing of sensitive infrared detectors