Scars Fade Thanks to Laser Treatment

Pyroelectric Detectors Ensure Safe Skin Treatment

Diseases such as chickenpox and acne leave scars that can affect a person for a lifetime. Thanks to dermatological lasers, these can be removed gently and safely without anaesthesia or just with local anaesthetic, even from the face.

InfraTec Sensor Division - Asclepion Laser - Picture credits: © / 1132827504 enes evren

Safety is a valuable asset, especially when it comes to your own body and health. Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH from Jena in Thuringia, a market leader in the field of aesthetic and medical laser technologies, also sees it this way.

The lasers from Asclepion are manufactured according to the highest safety requirements. Many factors, including the built-in pyroelectric detectors from InfraTec, ensure that these are fulfilled and that treatments are equally risk-free for users and patients. They have been used for years in the “MCL31 Dermablate” laser system, the gold standard for dermatological applications. Direct contact of the laser with sensitive skin makes the use of the detectors seem indispensable.

But what does the detector in the device actually do and to what extent does it help to safely start up the laser? The detector measures the energy emanating from the laser beam and checks whether it is correctly emitted by the device during active use. The short response time of the pyroelectric detector is particularly noteworthy.

If the intensity of the laser is detected to be too high, the laser switches off immediately. Fluctuations in the energy supply can be regulated thanks to the measurements.

In detail, this works in such a way that when the laser beam is sent, it only hits a semi-transparent mirror. It acts as a beam splitter. In the process, a large part of the laser beam is reflected and reaches the patient‘s skin. A smaller part shines through the mirror, is homogenised and hits the InfraTec detector. In this, the pyroelectric crystal is heated. Charges are generated, which are converted into a signal voltage. This generated voltage is used to measure and control the energy emitted from the laser device. On this basis, the device software can react to energy fluctuations and switch off the laser in the event of a fault. Thanks to the long-term stability of the detector, the „MCL31 Dermablate“ is an even more stable laser system, which means that both users and patients can feel completely safe.

Use of Pyroelectric Detectors in Practice

One advantage of pyroelectric detectors is the versatility of their applications. Detecting and analyzing gases and gas mixtures, investigating the material composition of organic and inorganic compounds, monitoring flames – all this is of great importance in a wide range of industries. Selected examples will help you to get to know some of the possible applications and, at best, to gain valuable ideas for solving your own measurement and testing tasks.