Active Thermography as a Process for Non-destructive Testing

The essential feature of active thermography is the targeted supply of energy to the test object. A temporal and spatial characteristic heat flow results depending on the geometry and thermal properties of the test subjects. Its progression on the surface of the test object is captured by a thermographic camera.

The cooled high-end camera series ImageIR® by InfraTec and uncooled microbolometer cameras of the latest generation of the VarioCAM® series by InfraTec are particularly suited for depicting the resulting temperature distributions. The geometric resolution of up to (2,560 × 2,048) IR pixels, high refresh rates as well as exact triggering and thermal sensitivity well below 0.015 K provide the technical requirement for detecting the smallest material defects. 

Rely on infrared thermography for non-destructive testing, benefit above all from the variable application of the process for different materials and material combinations. You can detect very different defects. This includes defects in joints, cavities, cracks or faulty joints. Thanks to such qualities, active thermography has firmly established itself as an efficient method for contactless and non-destructive testing in recent years.

You are looking for a new active thermography software or need new components or a replacement system for your thermosensorik system.  If so, InfraTec is the right partner for you. We deliver universal & high-end solutions, a full service package and global sales and service to you.

  • More than 30 models: from uncooled infrared cameras to high-end IR systems for use in laboratory or in industryhandheld
  • Application-specific software packages enable precise and efficient data evaluation
  • Turnkey thermographic automation solutions
  • Professional feasibility studies
  • Comprehensive range of services from 24-hour service hotline to extended warranties
  • First-class service ensures high system availability - worldwide sales + service
  • German designed, developed and manufactured - Made in Germany
  • Experienced sales and service partners enable local support levels
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Do You Need New Components for Your Thermosensorik System?

If you are already using an active thermography system, for example from thermosensorik and need new components or a replacement system, then contact us.

Thermography for Non-destructive Material Testing

Efficient non-destructive testing of a wide variety of materials and defect types

  • Non-destructive testing saves time and costs
  • Analysation of process immanent temperature differences or externally induced heat streams
  • Pulsing activation allows the detection of below-surface errors
  • In-line applications for permanent quality control possible

Application Areas

  • Quality assurance for bonded, welded, soldered and other joints by means of cavity detections (e.g. on vehicle interior parts)
  • Detection of material defects in composites and cracks in metals
  • Quality assurance of intermediate products (e.g. layered compounds)
  • Localisation of defects in joints such as cavities, defective welding seams/points
  • Assessment of thermal cutting and injection processes
  • Testing of metallic and non-metallic materials/material compounds
  • Tests of internal structures, such as fractures or impacts in honeycomb lightweight constructions

Modular Modular Thermography Test System Design for Precisely Fitting Inspections

The versatile application options of active thermography require an elaborate configuration of every single inspection system. InfraTec offers a wide variety of necessary components along with a modular system architecture. The high-resolution infrared cameras, efficient control and evaluation software as well as the continuously operable excitation sources and controllers are interchangeable within the system and therefore allow a flexible adaptation to upcoming requirements.

Benefits of the Modular High-end Test Systems

  • Online lock-in measurement with the highest sensitivity
  • Complete and detailed microscopy analysis
  • Geometrical resolution up to 1.3 μm per pixel with microscope lenses
  • Thermal resolution in the microkelvin range
  • Multi-layer analysis
  • Automatic scanning of larger samples due to precision mechanics
Automated Testing Solution ACTIVE-LIT - Modular test bench

Choose Your Infrared Camera

Choose from more than 30 infrared camera models. Our product range includes entry-level cameras, professional cameras as well as universal cameras, high-end and industrial systems.

Overview of all infrared camera models
Camera filter for infrared cameras

Efficient Control and Analysis Software for Active Thermography

Active thermography software IRBIS 3

The thermography software IRBIS® 3 active analyses the thermo-graphic sequences, which have been generated during the test, and edits them to create a false colour image, in which defects can be marked for further evaluation or documentation. For this purpose, several different analysis procedures are available. The choice of the correct algorithm depends on the material characteristics, geometry and type of defects to be detected. 

While the quotient method investigates the heat flow of the test object by reference to the increase and decrease of the surface temperature, the pulse-phase thermography (PPT) relies on the analysis of the temperature profile of different frequencies. For each frequency, two event images are generated, one amplitude- and one phase image. The lock-in thermography (LIT) analyses the sequence of periodic excitation of the test object.

Thermographic Software IRBIS® 3 active

  • Operational software with comprehensive analysis options in laboratory conditions
  • Software add-on for automatic error classification based on parameter settings
  • Intuitive user interface for easy operation
  • Real-time display of the object being measured in various states
  • Multifaceted memory options for image data and measurement results
  • Alternative 0°, 90° or customised set phase angle image for representation of complex intensity information
  • Merging live and amplitude image
  • Optional: IV measurement, under sampling, drift compensation, DC-mode, power loss measurement, user and protocol administration, interface preparation: e.g. Profibus, Ethernet
Automated Testing Solution ACTIVE-LIT - Software
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Thermographic Automation Solutions by InfraTec

PV-LIT test solution for solar cells
Photovoltaic Test System - PV-LIT

Photovoltaic Test System - PV-LIT

Get advantages in costing and quality by non-contact thermographic testing of your solar cells and PV-modules.

Welding seams and welding spots testing with WELD-CHECK
Welding Inspection - WELD-CHECK

Welding Inspection - WELD-CHECK

Using pulse thermography, WELD-CHECK enables you a quantitative assessment of the inspected welds. 

Thermographic automation for brake test benches TRC - Picture Credits: © / ktsimage
High-speed Rotation Test Bench - TRC

High-Speed Rotation Test Bench - TRC

Check for long-life fatigue strength of mechanical components in load tests, using high-end infrared cameras.

Automated Testing Solution ACTIVE-LIT - Header - Picture Credits: © / scorpp
Electronic / Semiconductor Testing Solution – E-LIT

Electronic / Semiconductor Testing Solution – E-LIT

Detect inhomogeneous temperature distribution and local power loss during the production using the Lock-in thermography.

InfraTec service
Comprehensive Service from InfraTec

Comprehensive Service

Our Company’s own service department accompanies you even with complex automation solutions far beyond the actual sale. In the event of malfunctions, your enquiry is forwarded directly to the employees via a hotline. By remote maintenance, you will receive an initial diagnosis. Together with you, we analyse the cause of the problem and quickly find a solution.

InfraTec Service - Technical Support
InfraTec Service – Technical Support

InfraTec Service – Technical Support

For more than 30 years, InfraTec has been implementing thermographic solutions with partners worldwide. Based on this wealth of experience, a thorough analysis of the initial situation is one of the first steps in cooperation. We prepare feasibility analyses and advise you on the planning of your future thermographic system. Afterwards, you will receive an offer adapted to your specific requirements.

Thermography trainings
Training of your Employees

Training of your Employees

In our training centre in Dresden, you can attend practical thermography training courses. After the transfer of the turnkey system, upon request qualified employees of our service team will introduce you step by step to your automation solution and instruct future users on your premises.

Camera protective housing for infrared cameras by InfraTec
Wide Range of Protective Housings

Wide Range of Protective Housings

The InfraTec product range includes numerous protective housings. The all-weather and robust metal housings allow the use of the thermographic cameras in harsh environments and protect against mechanical stress, dust and splash water. Depending on requirements, users can also choose ATEX-certified protective housings that can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

InfraTec camera equipment
Ask for your suitable accessories

InfraTec IR Camera Equipment

InfraTec offers high-quality accessories for all camera series. This allows users to flexibly adapt their camera to changing test and measurement environments and optimize it for daily indoor and outdoor use. The corresponding components are specially designed for the corresponding model and open up new possibilities – for current applications and new tasks.

InfraTec – Over 30 years of experience

InfraTec has been developing, producing and selling modern infrared technology for more than 30 years now. In addition to thermographic cameras, this includes turnkey thermographic automation solutions, infrared precision lenses, OEM components, software and a wide range of accessories. With more than 30 sales partners, the Dresden-based company is one of the world's leading suppliers of commercial thermography and thermal imaging systems. This enables customers to solve even the most demanding measurement and testing tasks in areas such as process optimization, quality assurance, research and development and material testing. In addition, InfraTec offers users a comprehensive range of services. This includes, for example, expert advice on the selection of technology, a calibration service and personnel training on the introduction of thermal imaging technology.

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