New pyroelectric IR-Detectors LIM-152 and LIM-252 as Performance-Upgrade for Gas analyzers

The LIM-122 and LIM-222 dual-channel detectors have proven themselves for many years in the Gas Analysis market for InfraTec. Dual channel pyroelectric infrared detectors (Channel1 = sample gas, and Channel2 = optical reference) are used in sensor modules of many manufactures that build NDIR Gas analyzers. The 4-pin TO39 package in which the Pyroelectric chips are integrated, along with JFETs and high Ohm resistors is a standard.  The high signal-to-noise ratio and low tolerance of important performance parameters are  trademarks of InfraTec’s dual-channel detectors. Growing demand however has caused InfraTec to develop two new alternative dual-channel detectors.

The LIM-152 is an uncompensated dual-channel detector, which achieves a higher stability at the  operating point and sensitivity for steep temperature ramps through an optimized time constant. By using very thin Lithium Tantalate (LiTaO3) crystals as the sensitive pyroelectric element, the detectivity is still reasonable and therefore this detector offers an economical alternative to thermal compensated detectors.  

The design of the thermally compensated LIM-252 has been especially chosen so that the signal shifts are minimally even under extreme conditions. For all dual-channel detectors there is a wide selection of narrow band interference filters for common gases available.

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