Always Up to Date – New Edition of InfraTec's Detector Catalogue

The specialist reading for sensor industry including the world's first eight-channel detector and other new members of the LRM family.

Pyroelectric detectors "Made in Germany" in great variety. An in-house research and development department. This and much more is offered by the owner-managed company InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik from Dresden with locations in the USA, Great Britain and China. The infrared detectors are used for high-precision gas analysis, fire and flame sensors and spectroscopy.

The current product catalogue
For the accustomed complete product overview, InfraTec has updated the well-established detector catalogue. In addition to the already familiar product portfolio, which comprises a total of five product groups with approximately 50 standard detectors, the updated edition now also includes the latest models of multi-channel detectors from the PYROMID® series. A special highlight is the LRM-278 - the world's first pyroelectric detector with eight spectral channels in a TO8 housing for gas analysis. Also newly introduced are the two quad-channel detectors LRM-244 and LRM-274, which are particularly suitable for flame detection due to their large aperture angle of 110°. In the field of infrared filters, two narrow bandpass filters for the detection of water (filter code "W") and nitrogen dioxide (filter code "N") are now available. The portfolio is further complemented by an additional reference filter (filter code "B"), which has a centre wavelength of 3.72 µm and a half power bandwidth of 90 nm. Thus, overlaps with the absorption band of the ubiquitous carbon dioxide are avoided. These three filters extend InfraTec's existing standard range and enable customers to have these new options at their disposal at low cost and, above all, at short notice.

In addition to all the above-mentioned new products, the revised catalogue offers detailed technical explanations on the design and functional principle of pyroelectric detectors, application examples as well as handling recommendations. Furthermore, the catalogue contains the data sheets of the detectors and an overview of all available narrow bandpass filters and IR windows in a compact form.

The catalogue can be ordered by e-mail at sensorik[at] or by phone at +49 351 82876-700.

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