Lock-in Thermography Package for Electronics Development

Your InfraTec Expert Package for Research and Development including IRBIS® 3 active Software

If you are looking for a cost-efficient thermal imaging camera for professionals, you will find what you need with the VarioCAM® HDx. The large microbolometer detector with (640 × 480) IR pixels in combination with light-sensitive precision, interchangeable lenses allows you to take images in superb quality. High-quality workmanship, modular design, powered focusing – the VarioCAM® HDx offers thermography at the highest level for an extremely competitive price! Together with IRBIS® 3 active software, you get a modern and universally usable package for getting started in active thermography. Through the focused introduction or generation of a heat flow, test objects are examined non-destructively for concealed material defects, cavities, cracks, joint flaws or delamination. This method suites ideally detecting faults and anomalies in the development of electronics. A focused input of heat can normally be attained easily by means of electrical excitation, whereby the Lock-in Thermography enables defects to be detected and localised reliably even in the case of the slightest power losses.

  • InfraTec-icon-detector-640x480
    Detector Format

    Microbolometer detector with (640 × 480) IR pixels

  • InfraTec-icon-tft-5-6
    High-resolution 5.6" TFT Display

    Representation of the images in native resolution; 170° rotatable and 280° revolvable, daylight suited

  • InfraTec-icon-einhandbedienung
    Intuitive handling

    Intuitive operation and numerous automatic functions guarantee an excellent handling

  • GigE Interface

    Standard interface with GigE interface for reliable integration of the camera into the existing process environment

  • InfraTec-icon-optiken-wechsel
    Complete Optical Assortment

    Adaptation of the image geometry to almost every measuring situation

Infrared camera VarioCAM HDx from InfraTec

VarioCAM® HDx Lock-in

The hand-held VarioCAM® HDx Lock-In is extremely versatile. In addition to its use for Lock-in Thermography, it can also be used for predictive maintenance, for example.

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Infrared camera VarioCAM HDx head from InfraTec

VarioCAM® HDx head Lock-in

The compact dimensions and low weight are among the advantages of the VarioCAM® HDx head lock-in. If the task is accompanied by a constant measurement scenario in an industrial environment, it is the first choice.

Benefit from a Specialized Software

Temperature differences in defective and intact structures often account for only a few milli- and microkelvin. Thermography software IRBIS® 3 active is a sufficient tool for such ambitious material testing. It supports Lock-in Thermography with active electrical excitation of corresponding testing objects for the detection of defects and provides crucial benefit to your research and development:

  • Analysis with different active thermography methods
  • Superimposition of different views at the pixel level to pinpoint abnormalities at their location successfully and precisely
  • High-frequency excitation during measurements to gain more detailed information
  • Easily save, neatly organize and quickly retrieve various parameter settings

You Want to Know More about our Lock-in Thermography Package?

To find out, if VarioCAM® HDx camera series and thermography software IRBIS® 3 matches your specific needs, read the detailed brochure. Learn e.g. all the technical data of the camera and how to integrate it into your existing systems.

Industries & Applications for this infrared camera

  • thermal imaging in electronics
    Electronics & Electrical Engineering

    Electronics & Electrical Engineering

    Measure temperature distributions of smallest electronic components with infrared cameras.

  • thermal imaging for material testing
    Material Testing

    Material Testing

    Save time and costs by non-destructively testing components with infrared camera systems by InfraTec.

  • Active Thermography - Picture Credits: © Rainer / Fotolia.com
    Active Thermography

    Active Thermography

    Make use of active thermography for non-destructive and contact-free material testing, for both automated inline and offline solutions.

  • microthermography


    Micro-thermography allows for the thermal analysis of extremely small structures in the micrometer range, providing a detailed representation of the temperature distribution on complex electronic assemblies and components.

  • thermal imaging in glass industry
    Glass Industry

    Glass Industry

    Measure correctly temperature distributions behind and on glass by using selected spectral filters.

  • thermal imaging for automotive applications
    Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    Infrared camera systems help you to secure a high product quality in production and at your suppliers.

  • thermal imaging in chemical industry
    Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

    Systematically control reactive process heat and display with infrared camera systems of InfraTec.

  • building thermography
    Building Thermography

    Building Thermography

    Save money doing thermographic building inspections by using a high performance infrared camera and expert software.

  • Thermal imaging of a horse


    Infrared camera systems help you to efficiently diagnose multiple illnesses with high certainty.

  • thermal imaging in plastic industry
    Plastics Industry

    Plastics Industry

    Cost-efficiently control die-casting and extrusion processes by means of infrared camera systems.

  • thermal imaging for environmental studies
    Environmental Studies

    Environmental Studies

    Look for smallest temperature differences in landscapes, biotopes and labs using infrared camera models of highest measurement precision.

  • thermal imaging for thermal optimisation
    Thermal Optimisation

    Thermal Optimisation

    Identify possible problems already in the development phase well before serial production.

  • InfraTec - Additive manufacturing for process control
    Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing

    By in-line monitoring of thermal process parameters, infrared cameras from InfraTec support the optimisation of additive manufacturing processes.

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VarioCAM® HDx camera series in combination with thermography software IRBIS® 3 active form not only a powerful testing solution in electronics, but a cost-efficient one, too. Do you wanto to know, what this means in numbers? Just get in contact with us.

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