In the field of materials testing, other methods can be used in addition to infrared thermography in order to analyse, for example, displacements and mechanical deformations of material samples and components parallel to thermal changes. Together with GOM InfraTec presents the possibilities of thermographic measurement and digital image correlation.

ARAMIS enables with its digital image correlation (DIC) functionalities the analysis of displacements and mechanical deformations of material specimens and components. In combination with thermography measurements, the thermal specimen behavior can be evaluated together with the mechanical deformation.

With the unique software feature in ARAMIS, you can analyze the correlation between mechanical and thermal deformations in detail and speed up your development time thanks to the comprehensive understanding obtained about your materials or components.


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  • Introduction to optical metrology
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Date: November 13th 2019

Time: 09:00 - 18:00

City: Shanghai, China

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