Rotating Filter and Aperture Wheel
of the ImageIR® Camera Series

Adaptation of the Camera to the Spectral Characteristics of the Object

The design of the ImageIR® thermographic camera enables the implementation of up to two rotating filter wheels and rotating aperture wheels, which can be controlled independently. The two motorised wheels allow up to 30 filter /aperture combinations, which can be fitted individually. The selection of the desired combination of the two wheels is completely remotely controllable from the corresponding menu of the camera operating software IRBIS® online.

The combination of separate rotating filter and aperture wheel positions is the prerequisite for universal use for measuring tasks in the spectral thermography sector. Spectral filters can be used to adapt the sensitivity range of the camera to the specific spectral characteristics of the measured objects, for example:

  • Optimised measurement of the surface temperature of shining metals, glass, plastics and other materials
  • Measurement of objects behind glass, gases or flames
  • Capturing flames and gases

The effects of interference are securely prevented by aperture or grey filters, used for signal monitoring and arranged in close proximity to the detector, or by their combination with spectral filters. Furthermore, wide temperature measuring ranges can be achieved with or without spectral filter equipment.

The use of aperture or grey filters enables temperature ranges up to 3,000 °C. The combination of two spectral filters (short-pass and long-pass) results in further options of spectral thermography, for example, by means of narrow-band camera sensitivity, the use of specific absorption bands of the objects (thin films and gases) to collect their surfaces or volume radiation.

A further equipment option is the installation of a rotating filter wheel with up to 5,400 rotations per minute. This allows the implementation of a real-time MicroScan unit to quadruple the number of pixels and to increase the spatial resolution accordingly. Furthermore, this fast rotating filter wheel can be fitted with filtering components to condition signals, which allow the measurement of objects with extremely high temperature gradients by means of the so-called HDR technology (High Dynamic Range).

If this fast rotating filter wheel is combined with the second rotating aperture wheel or rotating filter wheel, further conditioning or spectral filtering components can be implemented. The customer-specific filtering components are coordinated individually in order to meet the customer requirements.

InfraTec glossary - Rotating filter- und aperture wheel

Rear filter / aperture wheel:
0 = open
1-3 = spectral filter
4 = grey filter

Front filter-/ aperture wheel:
0 = open
1-2 = grey filter
3 = aperture diaphragm
4 = spectral filter

Overview of Benefits

  • Expansion of the measuring range to the physically achievable limits: (-40 … 3,000) °C
  • Use of spectral filters for special applications
  • Combination of spectral filters and dampening filters through the installation of two independently controllable wheels, therefore extended spectral measuring ranges are possible
  • Completely motorised remote control from the camera operating software IRBIS® 3, contactless filter control is also possible even from greater distances
  • A complete replacement of the filter module by the customer is possible to expand the diversity of the camera

Application Examples

  • Customer-specific configurable rotating filter wheels / rotating aperture wheels enable the adaptation of the ImageIR® to the most diverse measuring tasks
  • Optimised measurement of glass surfaces or objects behind glass
  • Detection of flames and gases as well as measurement of objects behind flames and gases
  • Use of sun reflex filters for the prevention of interference radiation
  • Real-time measuring range expansion due to HDR functions for the measurement of temperature-dynamic objects
  • High temperature measurements in the field of welding and laser technology

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    Aerial Thermography

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