ACTIVE-LIT – Automated testing solution system allows non-contact failure inspection of semiconductor material during the manufacturing process. Inhomogeneous temperature distribution, local power loss can be measured with Lock-in Thermography. This is achieved by using the shortest measurement times combined with a high-performance thermographic camera and a specialised lock-in procedure.

The power supply for this process is clocked with a synchronisation module and failures that produce mK or even μK differences are reliably detected.

Smallest defects like point and line shunts, oxide failures, transistor and diode failures on a PCB surface and in IC´s can be detected and displayed in x and y positions. Additionally, it is possible to analyse stacked-die packages or multi-chip modules in z-direction with merely changing the lock-in frequency.

Automated Testing Solution ACTIVE-LIT - Failure

Benefits of the Modular Test Bench

  • Online lock-in measurement with the highest sensitivity
  • Complete and detailed microscopy analysis
  • Geometrical resolution up to 1.3 μm per pixel with microscope lenses
  • Thermal resolution in the microkelvin range
  • Multi-layer analysis
  • Automatic scanning of larger samples due to precision mechanics
Automated Testing Solution ACTIVE-LIT - Modular test bench

Thermographic Images with Different Optics

Automated Testing Solution ACTIVE-LIT - Telephoto lens

Telephoto Lens 100 mm

100 mm telephoto lens with 500 mm close-up; pixel resolution 75 μm

Automated Testing Solution ACTIVE-LIT - Microscopic lens

Microscopic Lens 1×

1x microscopic lens; pixel resolution 15 μm

Automated Testing Solution ACTIVE-LIT - Microscopic lens

Microscopic Lens 3×

3x microscopic lens; pixel resolution 5 μm

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Thermographic Software IRBIS® 3 active

  • Operational software with comprehensive analysis options in laboratory conditions
  • Software add-on for automatic error classification based on parameter settings
  • Intuitive user interface for easy operation
  • Real-time display of the object being measured in various states
  • Multifaceted memory options for image data and measurement results
  • Alternative 0°, 90° or customised set phase angle image for representation of complex intensity information
  • Merging live and amplitude image
  • Optional: IV measurement, under sampling, drift compensation, DC-mode, power loss measurement, user and protocol administration, interface preparation: e.g. Profibus, Ethernet Automated Testing Solution ACTIVE-LIT Electronic / Semiconductor Testing Using Active Lock-in Thermography Software
Automated Testing Solution ACTIVE-LIT - Software

Automated Lock-In measurement with ACTIVE-LIT from InfraTec

Automated Lock-In measurement with ACTIVE-LIT from InfraTec


Infrared Cameras for ACTIVE-LIT