Infrared camera ImageIR® 8100 Series from InfraTec
  • InfraTec-icon-detector-640x512
    Detector Format

    High resolution thermal images for temperature measurement

  • HighSense

    Flexible setting of temperature measurement ranges beyond factory calibration ranges

  • InfraTec icon - High Temperature
    High Temperature Calibration

    Wide temperature measuring range up to 1,700 °C

  • InfraTec Icon - Messgenauigkeit
    Measurement Accuracy

    Highly accurate and repeatable measurements

  • InfraTec Icon - Thermische Auflösung
    Thermal Resolution

    Precise detection of smallest temperature differences

  • InfraTec Icon - 30 µm Pitch
    Pitch Dimension

    Smaller pixel sizes avoids geometrical measurement errors

Dimensions of the ImageIR 8100 and ImageIR 9100

Specialist for Measurement on Metallic Surfaces

The high-resolution ImageIR® 8100 is a very compact thermographic camera designed for stationary use, which works in the short-wave spectral range and is used preferably for contactless temperature measurement on metal surfaces because of its spectral characteristics.

Integration into Existing System Environments

Compact design and low weight make the ImageIR® 8100 and ImageIR® 9100 SWIR infrared cameras ideal for integration into existing system environments. With the associated Software Development Kit (SDK), all functions of the cameras are easily accessible. Due to their robustness, they can also be used in adverse environmental conditions, for example in industry.

Field of View Calculator

Check the geometrical resolution of our infrared cameras for your application.

Each measurement or testing task has its own characteristic basic conditions. For getting optimal results camera, detector and lens have to be perfectly matched to one another. The field of view calculator helps you to determine the appropriate combination.

InfraTec Field of View calculator - ImageIR 8100 / ImageIR 9100


Comprehensive Thermography Evaluation Software for Efficient Operation

The software family IRBIS® 3, which was developed by InfraTec, is part of a complete system of the camera series ImageIR®. The comfortable and professional thermography software IRBIS® 3 professional offers a wide range of analysis- and editing tools to analyse sophisticated thermal investigations. The combination of ImageIR® together with the professional thermographic software meets all requirements that are set as standard for efficient high-performance tools for thermographic investigations.

Analysis Software of Software Family IRBIS® 3

Product Flyer

Industries & Applications for the SWIR Infrared Camera Series ImageIR® 8100

Some thermographic measurement tasks are characterised by very high temperatures and challenging materials. They can only be solved with a high degree of uncertainty in the medium (MWIR) and long-wave (LWIR) infrared range, with regard to the occurrence of measurement errors. InfraTec‘s SWIR infrared cameras ImageIR® 8100 and ImageIR® 9100 offer new possibilities. They expand the portfolio of thermographic temperature measurement and allow for example emissivity-optimised measurements of temperatures on metallic surfaces.

Further Application Areas

  • High-temperature applications (for example hot forming processes, heat treatments)
  • Metal industry (for example welding processes, press hardening, brazing, forging)
  • Additive manufacturing and laser applications
  • Ceramics and glass industry
  • Signature recognition and measurement
  • Solutions for integration