Quality Control with PRESS-CHECK

  • Automatic sorting of sheets or stopping of the press when limits are exceeded
  • Logging and evaluation of all measured data and disclosure to the master control system via industry-standard interfaces
  • Easy integration of the test system by the flexible structure and variable data customisable interface

Thermography in Use in Press Hardening

Quality Control with PRESS-CHECK from InfraTec

The automated test system PRESS-CHECK works with two powerful high-end thermographic cameras for continuous measurement of two-dimensional temperature distribution. This measurement is carried out before the pressing operation on the surfaces of the boards to be processed and subsequently on the resulting molded parts, ultimately enabling exact compliance with the thermal process parameters.

As a result, you get components with the designed microstructure and a corresponding local resistance distribution. A consistently high production quality is ensured by the thermographic-based, two-dimensional monitoring of process temperatures, with distinct advantages over merely selective temperature measurements on reference points offered by pyrometers, for example.

The process-specific temperature limits for the differently shaped metal parts can be managed in special recipes. Stampings with different thermal signatures are recognised and can be automatically sorted out, so your wastage rates fall considerably. Furthermore, the software checks whether a sheet is inserted into the press, checks how it is positioned and recognises double sheets. If necessary, the press is stopped automatically.

PRESS-CHECK is linked to the higher-level control system of the respective press, and simultaneously transmits data as well as classification of all pressings. With the test software, you can manage the various molds and the associated measurement values automatically, even creating logs. This makes the system universally usable for all applications running on the press without the need for additional equipment and setup time. With highly reliable components, special protective housings, a flexible design and industry-standard data interfaces, the PRESS-CHECK test systems can be easily integrate in your press processes.

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Features and Benefits

  • Two thermal imaging cameras for temperature control before and after pressing
  • Extensive monitoring of the entire surface of the sheet
  • Presence detection, position recognition, double sheet detection
  • Fully automatic, process-synchronous operation
  • No additional setup time
  • More efficient production process by automatically sorting sheets or stopping the press
  • Temperature measurement and classification of sheet metal parts
  • Adaptation to different press manufacturers through flexible system structure and data interface


Software screenshot PRESS-CHECK from InfraTec
  • Parameter setting, monitoring, operation, representation, evaluation and reporting by the software
  • Automatic test mode for temperature, loading and position control
  • Ease of use via an intuitive user interface
  • Parameterisation and setup
  • User management
  • Data and recipe management
  • Automatic data transfer to higher-level control system

Active Further Development

In addition to automotive manufacturers, globally operating service providers in the field of press systems increasingly rely on thermography-based measurement technology. They cooperate with other market participants, establish competence centers and drive forward the development of modern pressing. Through active participation in such projects, InfraTec's PRESS-CHECK solution is always up to date with the latest technology. Here you will find examples of such co-operations.

TELOS Global

Logo Telos Global

TELOS Global

TELOS Global offers unique services to automotive hot stampers in the United States. With its fully automated production plant, with a tool and die shop and a team of engineers that cover the complete range of expertise in the field of press hardening of steel, the company counts among the most innovative turn key suppliers in this market. The competence center in Caryville / TN serves as an industry hub for R&D, fabrication or modification of dies, production intend prototyping and lay off production of series components. The production line at TELOS – probably the largest line in North America – unites such experienced equipment suppliers as Eisenmann, Strothmann and Macrodyne. In 2018, this line has been completed by InfraTec with the technology that ensures temperature monitoring and positioning of the press hardened components during the manufacturing process.

Infrared Cameras for PRESS-CHECK