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    Flow Analysis Using Thermal Imaging

    Thermography as a non-contact, area-based and imaging temperature measurement method is perfectly suited to detect even the smallest flow-induced temperature gradients of less than 15 mK without influencing the flow behaviour itself.

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    Thermography Events

    InfraTec's online events give you the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of thermography in your demanding field of activity in a concentrated form. Meet colleagues for professional exchange and get to know innovative product news as well as system solutions from InfraTec.

  • Flow Analysis Using Thermal Imaging

    InfraTec Events online
    Flow Analysis Using Thermal Imaging
    Online Event
    14. June 2023 10:00–12:00

Industries & Applications

With more than 30 models, InfraTec offers a variety of infrared camera models for all application areas of thermal imaging. Please find your suitable infrared camera in the application areas, which are listed below.

  • thermal imaging in electronics
    Electronics & Electrical Engineering

    Electronics & Electrical Engineering

    Measure temperature distributions of smallest electronic components with infrared cameras.

  • high-speed thermography
    High-Speed Thermography

    High-Speed Thermography

    Get even faster and analyze temperatures at highest process speeds.

  • thermal imaging for automotive applications
    Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    Infrared camera systems help you to secure a high product quality in production and at your suppliers.

  • thermal imaging in aviation
    Aerospace Industry

    Aerospace Industry

    Comply with highest security demands by applying state-of-the-art infrared camera systems.

  • Laser Industry

    Laser Industry

    High-end thermography in heat-generating laser applications in materials processing.

  • InfraTec - Additive manufacturing for process control
    Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing

    By in-line monitoring of thermal process parameters, infrared cameras from InfraTec support the optimisation of additive manufacturing processes.

  • Active Thermography - Picture Credits: © Rainer / Fotolia.com
    Active Thermography

    Active Thermography

    Make use of active thermography for non-destructive and contact-free material testing, for both automated inline and offline solutions.

  • thermography for aerial photography
    Aerial Thermography

    Aerial Thermography

    Detect persons and objects in the field or monitor wide-area geologic properties or environmental damages.

  • building thermography
    Building Thermography

    Building Thermography

    Save money doing thermographic building inspections by using a high performance infrared camera and expert software.

  • thermal imaging in chemical industry
    Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

    Systematically control reactive process heat and display with infrared camera systems of InfraTec.

  • thermal imaging for environmental studies
    Environmental Studies

    Environmental Studies

    Look for smallest temperature differences in landscapes, biotopes and labs using infrared camera models of highest measurement precision.

  • thermal imaging in glass industry
    Glass Industry

    Glass Industry

    Measure correctly temperature distributions behind and on glass by using selected spectral filters.

  • thermal imaging to inspect electrical installations
    Inspection of Electrical Installations

    Inspection of Electrical Installations

    Search electrical installations or high-voltage nets with infrared camera systems for dangerous hotspots.

  • thermal imaging for predictive maintenance
    Inspection of Mechanical Assemblies

    Inspection of Mechanical Assemblies

    Thermography reveals irregularities in heating of mechanical components in time.

  • thermal imaging for material testing
    Material Testing

    Material Testing

    Save time and costs by non-destructively testing components with infrared camera systems by InfraTec.

  • Thermal imaging of a horse


    Infrared camera systems help you to efficiently diagnose multiple illnesses with high certainty.

  • thermal imaging in metallurgy


    Efficiently reduce the energy consumption of your metallurgic processes using infrared camera systems.

  • microthermography


    Micro-thermography allows for the thermal analysis of extremely small structures in the micrometer range, providing a detailed representation of the temperature distribution on complex electronic assemblies and components.

  • thermal imaging to inspect phovoltaic installations
    Photovoltaic Inspection

    Photovoltaic Inspection

    Take advantage of thermography in order to visualise defects on existing and running photovoltaic installations.

  • thermal imaging for asset inspections
    Plant Inspection

    Plant Inspection

    Using infrared camera systems and thermographic software by InfraTec will make you more efficient and more productive.

  • thermal imaging in plastic industry
    Plastics Industry

    Plastics Industry

    Cost-efficiently control die-casting and extrusion processes by means of infrared camera systems.

  • thermal imaging for security tasks
    Security Applications

    Security Applications

    Observation tasks for applications like investigation, remote surveillance, border guard and the protection of critical infrastructure are great challenges for the related authorities. Powerful infrared cameras are getting more and more indispensable nowadays.

  • spectral ir thermography
    Spectral Thermography

    Spectral Thermography

    Using precision filters for specific applications you will measure exactly those spectral ranges being of interest to you.

  • thermal imaging for thermal optimisation
    Thermal Optimisation

    Thermal Optimisation

    Identify possible problems already in the development phase well before serial production.

  • InfraTec Bondung and Sealing - Hot gas
    Bonding and Sealing

    Bonding and Sealing

    Users can utilise infrared cameras during bonding and sealing to monitor and control various technological parameters. This includes the geometry of the adhesive application, adhesive temperature and adherend temperature, curing temperature as well as the adhesive bond.

  • Medicine - Thermography health measures - Picture credits: © Adobestock / annamoskvina
    IR-based Detection of Elevated Body Temperature

    IR-based Detection of Elevated Body Temperature

    Use InfraTec infrared cameras to effectively prevent infectious diseases such as Coronavirus (2019-nCoV, COVID-19), Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) from spreading further.

  • OEM solutions from InfraTec - Integration
    Further information about infrared cameras for integrators

    Infrared Cameras for Integrators

    Due to their modular concept, InfraTec infrared cameras can be flexibly customised to a wide range of industrial applications. Variable interfaces and a powerful SDK ensure fast integration into existing system environments. Our solutions are available on a long-term basis and are supplemented by excellent support.

  • InfraTec research projects - Picture credits: © iStock.com / ALLVISIONN
    Get further information about research projects

    Partner of Research and Science

    InfraTec expands its expertise in the field of thermography by participating in various research projects. This selection of projects illustrates which topics we are promoting and which partners we are working with, therefore.

  • Automated Solutions by InfraTec - Picture Credits: © iStock.com / ToddMedia
    Automated Solutions from InfraTec

    Automated Solutions from InfraTec

    Automated thermographic solutions from InfraTec provide you with reliable information about even the smallest temperature developments and distributions - efficiently and cost-effectively. Based on our proven modular system, we configure a system for you that is tailored to your specific requirements. All components such as thermographic cameras, transmission and display devices, industrial PC and software are suitable for continuous industrial operation. You can use ATEX-certified protective housings and pan/tilt heads wherever the ambient conditions require it.

  • Thermal imaging software IRBIS 3 from InfraTec
    IRBIS® 3 software family

    Thermographic Software

    The IRBIS® 3 software family provides a wide range of special software for convenient camera control and analysis of thermographic images. You can choose from a variety of packages and modules to analyse thermographic measurement data and comfortably generate thermographic reports. The range includes, for example, the stand-alone thermography report software IRBIS® 3 report and IRBIS® 3 active, a tool for thermographic inspection using active thermography.

Statements of our Customers

Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH

In day by day business it is nice to have partners who reliably stand by your side.

For more than 14 years now, InfraTec Dresden and Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH have been linked by a stable and very successful partnership for both sides, in which projects are successfully implemented in a customer-oriented way and with attention to detail.

On behalf of Quality Assurance Joining Technology, we would like to congratulate you on the 30th anniversary of your company and we wish you all the best to get further success with courage, foresight, vision and health.

Ralf Albrecht, Head of QA, Joining Technology Body Shop

Vorwerk SE & Co. KG

Vorwerk has been using a VarioCAM® HD 700 with the IRBIS® 3 analysis software for several years in the development of our high-quality household products - especially the Thermomix. The imaging temperature measurement in combination with the wide range of analysis options support us in better understanding and being able to map thermal processes. In this way, we are able to make the cooking experience for our customers even more user-friendly and further optimize it. We particularly appreciate the collaboration and professional exchange with our partner InfraTec. In order to optimally meet our premium demands on our development and our products in the future, we will continue to rely on the use of thermography.

Dr. Michael Sickert, Head of Serial Support Thermomix and Kobold

Kaiserslautern University of Technology


We are successfully using a VarioCAM® HDx head 600 to determine heat transfers on the side walls of a highly loaded turbine nozzle guide vane. In addition to the excellent measurement accuracy and the high detector resolution, we were convinced by the comprehensive software package that supports us in post-processing the measurement data. Furthermore, we are very satisfied with the friendly customer support.Chair of Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery (SAM), Kaiserslautern University of Technology



Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH

InfraTec is a reliable and always supportive partner when it comes to industrial thermography. Whether hardware or software, InfraTec offers comprehensive solutions for our measurement tasks and provides direct assistance in solving various problems. Training courses in Dresden very clearly convey the function and interaction of hardware and software. These are highly recommended.

Uwe Tauber, Manufacturing Process Supervisor USW 3500 / SMT-OPRH1, Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Division

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation for more than 15 years. In my laboratory "Technical Diagnostics" at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, me and my students have been able to realise very many interesting projects with several infrared cameras from your portfolio. Starting with the selection of the camera, the introduction to the software program IRBIS® or the fast and profound help in case of problems, we have always been able to experience competent help from the company InfraTec. We certainly don't need to talk about the quality of the products. The total package, i.e. purchase advice, software advice and help and support in case of problems is simply great. Congratulations on the company's anniversary.

Dietrich Schneider, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Technology, Applied Engineering AIW

TMD Friction Holdings GmbH

Time flies so fast! We would like to congratulate you on the company's anniversary and take this opportunity to thank you for the good cooperation over the past decades. We have been working with InfraTec for over 20 years and thus have been able to take advantage of the continuous progress in thermography. Be it in the area of process control in manufacturing or in the development of brake pads. Today, inline thermography in particular provides us with innovative possibilities in our daily NVH work. We are looking forward to the next innovations!

Thomas Haite, Specialist NVH, TMD Friction Holdings GmbH

Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH

As a scientist at Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe it is extremely important to me to use reliable and high-quality equipment to generate reproducible results. In my opinion, InfraTec’s camera systems are ideally suited for this purpose. Above all, the excellent workmanship and modular design of the products have convinced me as a customer and partner. With this in mind, we congratulate on InfraTec’s 30th anniversary and wish continued success in the future.

Vitalij Popow, M.Sc., Tailored & Smart Composites, Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH

Bremen Institute for Measurement, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ)

The Bremen Institute for Metrology, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ) looks back on many years of intensive cooperation with InfraTec GmbH. In a multitude of scientific and industrial projects, BIMAQ has found a trustworthy and reliable partner in InfraTec GmbH. Especially the powerful thermographic systems of the ImageIR® series enable worldwide novel insights into the real flow behavior of wind turbines at the physical limits of what can be measured. With these insights, a social contribution to climate protection and the provision of clean energy is made. The BIMAQ congratulates InfraTec Gmbh on its long-term success and 30 years of company history and looks forward to further successful cooperation in the future.

As a former student InfraTec employee, who was able to learn a lot and at the same time experience the 10th company anniversary from the first row, I also personally congratulate very cordially!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Fischer, Bremen Institute for Measurement, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ)

Sheet metal working and basics department, Fraunhofer IWU

Together with my colleagues, I can look back on many, many years of constructive cooperation with InfraTec – be it in temperature determination in machine tools, materials testing or thermal joining. To be successful in the market for three decades is an outstanding achievement and speaks for quality. We congratulate on the anniversary and are glad to know that InfraTec will continue to be a reliable partner at our side.

Dr.-Ing. Roland Müller, Sheet metal working and basics department, Fraunhofer IWU

MGGP Aero Sp. z o.o.

The Climate Change and its impact on the Earth's environment is undeniable. Resulting draughts, prolonged and harsher winters and Urban Heat Islands are taking their toll on our quality of life, our health and condition of flora around us. MGGP Aero with help of multiple InfraTec's thermal imagers, is monitoring these changes from the air, delivering top quality aerial thermal imaging to Polish cities, district heating companies, National Parks and forest managers. Thanks to the speed, resolution and reliability of ImageIR® 9400, we have mapped over 2500 km2 in past 2 years, providing valuable information about surface temperatures and their analyses, allowing decision makers to focus their actions in the right spot.

Karol Krajewski, Research & development specialist"

Deutsche WindGuard GmbH

As a satisfied customer and project partner, Deutsche WindGuard Engineering GmbH congratulates on your company’s 30th anniversary. We thank InfraTec for the competent support in our daily operations and the excellent cooperation in research projects like PreciWind. For many years we have been using hardware and software from InfraTec for thermographic flow visualisation and analysis. In our aeroacoustically optimised large wind tunnel Bremerhaven (DWAA), for example, two VarioCAM® HDx head 615 accompany daily operations in thermographic flow visualization primarily of lift profiles from wind energy and aviation. For aerodynamic measurement of wind turbine rotor blades in operation, Deutsche WindGuard uses an ImageIR® 8800 in cooperation with BIMAQ (Bremen Institute for Measurement and Automation).

Nicholas Balaresque, Managing Director, Deutsche WindGuard Engineering GmbH

  • InfraTec service
    Full service package from InfraTec

    Full Service Package

    For more than 30 years InfraTec has been providing comprehensive service in addition to high-end thermographic cameras. For example, you can have your camera recalibrated by us. On the basis of a project analysis, we assist you in the realization of thermographic measurements and tests. In the event of a malfunction, you will receive extensive support from our in-house service department via remote maintenance. Let’s find out, what we can do for you.

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    Newsletter InfraTec Infrared Reflexions

    The InfraTec newsletter InfraTec Infrared Reflexions provides you with information on current trends and developments in the infrared measurement division.

  • Become a partner of InfraTec

    Become an InfraTec Partner

    We cooperate with qualified partners worldwide. If you want to join the InfraTec network, you are welcome to get in touch with us.

  • InfraTec Trade Shows & Conferences - Trainings
    Practical Seminars

    Practical Seminars

    A detailed briefing by our specialists is always part of the delivery of your thermographic camera. Upon request, we can also extend this offer to a comprehensive seminar with the contents of thermal imaging, which are important for you when using the camera. In this way, you can ensure that your employees are optimally prepared for the daily handling of the entire system. We will be happy to organise a suitable seminar at your premises.

  • InfraTec company membersips - Picture credits: © iStock.com / from2015
    InfraTec Company Member­ships

    InfraTec Company Member­ships

    InfraTec is a member of some associations and societies to report there about the topics infrared sensor technology and thermography, to be available as a contact person and to exchange with others.

Infrared Cameras for Thermal Imaging

Get in contact with InfraTec thermography division

Would You Like to Know More?

It is not unusual for tasks to be associated with special requirements. Discuss your specific application needs with our specialists, receive further technical information or learn more about our additional services.

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Learn More About the Use of a Thermal Camera for Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is a Contactless Measurement Technology

  • Why Does Thermal Imaging Work?

    An infrared camera – also called IR camera, thermal imaging camera or thermal camera – is a measuring instrument used for non-contact measurements of the surface temperature of objects. Measuring temperature in this way enables you to visualise infrared radiation of objects or humans which are normally out of the normal visible spectrum. The infrared camera uses its integrated infrared detector to record the intensity and distribution of a certain spectrum of this electromagnetic radiation. The thermal camera is set up close to process it is controlling in order to immediately detect and rectify deviations from the parameters defined for this process. InfraTec provides such solutions for process monitoring and quality control as well as for research and development.

  • What Makes a Thermal Imaging Camera Useful?

    The benefit of non-contact temperature measurement technology is the capability to inspect objects non-destructively and contact-free and to make material conditions in deeper layers visible. The contact-free measurement of temperature distributions on objects or in processes constantly informs about the state of the object. Thus, deviations of the production standard can be recognised. In addition to the mobile infrared camera models, InfraTec has also developed various thermography automation solutions for process and quality control applications. InfraTec specialised on developing reliable high-class infrared camera models for all application fields of thermal imaging.

  • Can Thermal Imaging See Through Glass?

    Not as a rule, since glass is transmittant by visible light in the same way as is near infrared, however, it is not beyond a wavelength of approx. 4 µm. This spectral range requires special infrared-transmittant window materials.

  • What Are the Application Fields of Thermal Imaging?

    Especially during the production of thermally sensitive components, thermography is capable of giving vital information for quality assurance purposes. Even smallest temperature deviations can lead to serious quality loss, i.e. in the plastics or automotive industry. By setting up a thermal camera monitoring system, such faults can be recognised, documented and corrected immediately.

    InfraTec offers a suitable infrared camera and ideal thermography software for every application field, stationary or mobile. The modular structure of the measurement devices makes it easy to meet every customer-specific demand.

Tapping in steel production

Infrared Thermal Imaging in Stationary Use

An infrared camera is installed in close vicinity to the process, which has to be monitored. The infrared camera transmits all captured data to an evaluation unit. The evaluation unit compares the actual value to the defined target value by comparing the minimum, maximum and average values. A switch contact can be triggered by the transgression of thresholds, which will then set off an alarm. Appropriate countermeasures can then be taken.

InfraTec’s measurement devices are rugged, have been tested extensively and are conceived for continuous industrial use. Modern interface concepts allow for reliable camera control, data acquisition and online data evaluation, even over long distances. This makes thermal imaging ideal for automation solutions like slag detection, early fire detection or for inspections of solar cells and photovoltaic modules.

InfraTec is a Leading Thermal Imaging Expert

InfraTec has been offering a wide range of innovative high-class thermal imaging measurement devices since 1991. The quality of the high-performance infrared cameras is based on profound and permanent development processes. The range of services of the thermography division ranges from production and sale of infrared cameras to the supply with turn-key thermography automation solutions.

FLIR – Forward Looking Infrared

The abbreviation FLIR stands for Forward Looking Infrared, which is an imaging infrared process. FLIR cameras are very common on military aircrafts or police helicopters. They are used to spot heat sources, which are then displayed via video output to the pilot. FLIR cameras are very different from night-vision devices and conventional infrared cameras, since these only display a certain infrared range. 

Choose Your Infrared Camera

InfraTec offers more than 30 infrared camera models. Choose a suitable camera form our product range including entry-level cameras, professional and universal cameras as well as high-end and industrial systems.

Overview of all infrared camera models
Camera filter for infrared cameras