Press Releases of InfraTec

  • InfraTec - WASTE-SCAN ARC Copenhagen - © ARC amager ressource center

    Case Study: Early Fire Detection in Incineration Plant

    Infrared Thermography Increases Safety in Waste to Energy Plant

    The Amager Resource Center (ARC) is a waste incinerator like no other. From the roof of the Waste to Energy facility, skiers and snowboarders wind...

  • Digital pyroelectric detector from InfraTec - Picure credits: © istockphoto / gsshot

    Go Digital – Reaching the Goal More Quickly with Less Effort

    The pyroelectric detector becomes digital and supplements the portfolio of analog detectors.

    InfraTec has been developing and producing pyroelectric detectors for over 30 years now. They have been tried and proven for numerous demanding...

  • Polarisation microscopic image of crystallised Rochelle salt

    Life with Pyroelectricity

    Ferroelectricity: 100 years and very much alive and kicking. This phenomenon has been researched and used until the present day.

    Science lives from ambitious and inquisitive people. Progress would be inconceivable without them. In the field of infrared technologies, the...

  • Data Fusion in Plant Phenotyping for Cercospora Detection in Sugarbeets

    A Successful Cooperation against Plant Diseases

    Data Fusion in Plant Phenotyping for Cercospora Detection in Sugarbeets

    Various sensor technologies had been evaluated regarding their usability for the detection of the plant disease Cercospora in the joint project „Data...

  • InfraTec - 30 years company anniversary

    30 Years Under the Spell of Infrared

    How an efficient, medium-sized Dresden high-tech company developed from one idea.

    Infrared technology has exclusive and sometimes mysterious properties because it uses electromagnetic radiation, an invisible, but at the same time,...

  • InfraTec Sensor Division - Catalogue Update 2021 / Picture credits: © / IPGGutenbergUKLtd

    Always Up to Date – New Edition of InfraTec's Detector Catalogue

    The specialist reading for sensor industry including the world's first eight-channel detector and other new members of the LRM family.

    Pyroelectric detectors "Made in Germany" in great variety. An in-house research and development department. This and much more is offered by the...