Press Releases of InfraTec

  • InfraTec Press Release - Online Event Micro Thermography

    Micro-Thermography: Temperature Measurement in the Micrometer Scale

    Smaller and smaller, yet more powerful!

    Dive into the big world of micro-thermography together with us and join our online event. Learn more about the possible application areas for...

  • Infratec

    Thermography Compact – Enter the World of Infrared Technology

    Experience thermography – technical lectures and demonstrations plus professional exchanges.

    On 22 March 2023, interested parties and thermographers from science and industry will have the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of...

  • InfraTec press release infrared detector LRM-292 - Picture credits: © Adobestock / Chuck; Vaclav_Zilvar

    Nothing Goes Undetected with the LRM-292

    The innovative PYROMID® series from InfraTec is getting a "small" addition

    With the LRM-292 pyroelectric detector in a TO46 housing, InfraTec offers the world's smallest multi-channel detector with integrated operational...

  • InfraTec high‐speed thermography with ImageIR® 8300 hs - Picture credits: © istockphoto / bjdlzx

    When Every Moment Counts: High-speed Thermography in Full Resolution

    Measurement of fast processes combined with highest precision and future-proof flexibility

    Infrared cameras with cooled focal-plane array photon detectors, which meet the highest demands on geometric, thermal and temporal resolution and at...

  • InfraTec Webinar - Lock-in Thermography for Electronics and Semiconductor Module Testing/ Picture credits: © / scorpp

    Online Event 2023: Lock‐in Thermography for Inspection of Electronics and Integrated Circuits

    Detecting thermal anomalies and local power losses within shortest test times

    The inspection of electronic components and assemblies by using active thermography is an established method for troubleshooting and quality assurance...

  • Topping‐Out Ceremony at Headquarters in Dresden

    InfraTec Celebrates Topping-Out Ceremony at Headquarters in Dresden

    Shell construction of the second extension complex completed

    The current investment project of the Dresden-based company InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik has taken shape in the past year 2022 given...