Press Releases of InfraTec

  • Infratec

    Surveillance, Remote Sensing and Object Protection: Thermal Imaging Technology in Governmental Use

    InfraTec at the GPEC 2014

    Again in 2014, InfraTec GmbH will be exhibiting powerful thermal imaging systems at the GPEC (General Police Equipment Exhibition) in Leipzig.

  • InfraTec Thermography Roadshows, 2014

    InfraTec Thermography Roadshows, 2014

    Theory and Practice of Infrared Thermography in Your Area

    As a specialist in infrared measurement technology, the Dresden-based InfraTec GmbH offers customers countless cutting-edge thermography products....

  • Pyroelectric detector LIM-272

    New dual channel detector in single supply operation with high sensitivity

    Pyroelectric detector LIM-272 for gas analysis available now

    The new LIM-272 low-power detector with two channels is the newest innovation by InfraTec. In addition to the measurement channel, a reference channel...

  • VarioCAM® hr head from InfraTec

    Energy Efficient Microelectronics

    Infrared camera VarioCAM® hr head shown in the exhibition „Cool X“

    The new exhibition „Cool X – Energy in a digital world“ at the „Technischen Sammlungen Dresden“ focuses on microelectronics and nanotechnology....

  • High-end camera series ImageIR® from InfraTec

    High-Speed-Thermography in Megapixel format

    InfraTec’s High-End Camera Series ImageIR®

    Excellent quality, robustness and innovative technology – this is what the products of our high-end camera series ImageIR® stand for. They will be...

  • High-end cameras ImageIR® 8300/9300 Z

    First thermal camera features superzoom lens and HD resolution

    High-end cameras ImageIR® 8300/9300 Z for long-range identification

    Imagine one of the most sophisticated long-range thermal camera systems mated to an incredibly powerfull zoom lens: InfraTec achieved this – the...