Press Releases of InfraTec

  • Miniaturised detectors from InfraTec

    Cutting Edge Technology in Most Confined Spaces

    InfraTec introduces a complete series of miniaturized multi channel detectors

    The demand for most advanced sensor technology is increasing throughout the world. Aware of these needs of industry and science InfraTec makes use of...

  • Draft of an injection moulded carrier before the production of the second 400 samples

    New fundamental element

    InfraTec wants to further improve its detectors in the future with chip carriers made of plastic

    InfraTec is carrying out research on chip carriers made of injection moulded metallised plastic.

  • Thermal Image of the Moon at Winter Solstice

    Rare moment

    The moon is always worth a look. Even more if you use a high-end thermography camera for watching.

  • Infratec

    Good luck!

    Today the Elbphilharmonie celebrates its grand opening and we congratulate.

  • Miniaturized two-channel detector LRM-102 from InfraTec

    Small can be great

    New miniaturized two-channel detectors enhance product series at InfraTec

    InfraTec expandes its range of miniaturized multi channel detectors with the LRM-102 and LRM-202, a pair of two-channel detectors

  • ImageIR® 8300 equipped with MCT detector

    More speed for thermographic cameras with MCT detectors

    A special high-speed configuration increases the range of applications of the camera series ImageIR® 8300

    InfraTec has further developed the high-end series ImageIR® 8300 with detectors based on mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) and thus supports the search...