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Motorised 6× Zoom Lens Opens Up New Opportunities for Large-area Surveillance

Thermographic system VarioCAM® HD Z from InfraTec is the world's first commercially available radiometric microbolometer camera that offers a motorised 6× infrared zoom lens with 25 to 150 mm focal length for the spectral range from (7.5 ... 14) μm. Equipped with an FPA detector, it provides high-quality thermal images with (1,024 × 768) IR pixels. The combination of large-format detector and continuous zoom lens makes it suitable for applications such as securing large outdoor areas and security areas such as chemical plants and tank farms, environmental monitoring and the detection of hotspots as part of early fire detection. These tasks can be mastered with precision even at night and in poor visibility due to automatic image stabilisation. Equipped with high-quality components, the system supports 24/7 use.

The VarioCAM® HD Z can optionally be integrated as a component in an automation solution, for example for thermographic monitoring of potentially explosive areas. As a part of fast pan/tilt systems, the camera enables precise manual analysis of thermal defects. Depending on individual needs, flexible zoom levels are used for the different sectors. ATEX-compliant protective housings ensure the camera's enduring reliability and precision.

Infrared camera series VarioCAM HD Z from InfraTec
Infrared Camera Series VarioCAM® HD Z

Infrared Camera Series
VarioCAM® HD Z

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