No Time for Staying in Place

Several Models are Receiving a Performance Plus

There are further developments within the ImageIR® series besides the MicroScan function. These include a new version of the multi integration time function (MIT). This ensures an increase in the image dynamics up to 16 bit and expands the temperature measuring ranges significantly.

The ImageIR® 8800 for investigations in the long-wave spectral range (7.7 ... 10.2) μm has received an improved detector in the format of (640 × 512) IR pixels. Thanks to the outstanding thermal resolution of 0.025 K, very high frame rates of up to 14,593 Hz, and extremely short integration times in the microsecond range, the camera is suitable for analysing rapid thermal processes, which require a broad temperature measuring range.

The ImageIR® 8300 has additional performance capabilities through a temperature measuring range extended up to 3,000 °C and higher frequencies in creating recordings in full, half, quarter and sub-frame.



Bat above a lake (image with very short integration time: ImageIR® 8800)