New High-end Camera ImageIR® Models

Always the right camera model for your measurement tasks

InfraTec’s high-end camera series ImageIR® is characterised by outstanding measuring performance and a wide applicationoriented variability. The new models of the high-speed camera ImageIR® 8300 hp and the super-zoom thermal imaging system ImageIR® 8300/9300 Z open new possibilities and more flexibility for the high demanding user. Now, they are suitable for almost every field of application for thermography, from process optimization to research and development or safety applications.

All ImageIR® models have an excellent thermal resolution of up to 0.015 K (15 mK), high frame rates of up to 13,000 Hz and extremely short integration times of up to a few micro seconds. Cooled focal-planearray-photon detectors of different types are used with (320 × 256), (640 × 512) and (1,280 × 1,024) IR pixels that work in snapshot mode. The flexibly configurable basic concept of this series of camera optics, detector and interface modules, allows an individualised system configuration with optimum adaptation of the performance data to the measurement task. An extensive range of precise imaging, radiometric infrared interchangeable lenses, from telescope to normal and wide-angle or macro and microscopic lenses, can be tailored to virtually any measurement situation.

First super-zoom cameras in HD resolution

The latest super-zoom thermal imaging systems ImageIR® 8300 Z and ImageIR® 9300 Z are designed for a variety of demanding thermal imaging applications, which require both flexible screen fields as well as long ranges. They are used for example in border patrol, search and rescue missions, vehicle monitoring, environmental monitoring, wildlife observation and airborne system monitoring. Equipped with ultra-modern, digital InSb detector technology with resolutions of up to (1,280 × 1,024) IR pixels and a frame rate of up to 100Hz for full screen, the camera delivers sharp thermal images with high resolution in continuous operation, even in fog or smoke.

The motorised 30× zoom lens with a focal range of (28 … 850) mm enables quick and flexible adaption to different object distances. With an image field of 0.6°, it allows the recording of detailed thermographic images for extremely long distances. For example, the people-detection range is about 15 km, which can be life-saving during search and rescue missions!

ImageIR® with zoom function from InfraTec

New detector readout technology enables a significant increase in frame rates

The latest InSb detector with modified readout technology is used in the camera model ImageIR® 8300 hp. For the first time, frame rates of up to 250 Hz and (640 × 512) IR pixels are now possible. Compared to previous camera systems in this class, the ImageIR® 8300 hp now achives more than three times faster frame rates. Very fast thermal processes in industry and research can now be completely recorded and analysed with high pixel resolution at the required sharpness.

Accurate temperature measurement on microstructures

With the new eightfold microscope for the ImageIR® 9300 and ImageIR® 8300 models pixel sizes of up to 2 microns can be achieved. Thus, temperature differences can be accurately measured even on the smallest object structures. With the specially developed motor microscope body, a special mount for precise microthermography, the vibrations that occur when using conventional tripods of thermographic cameras can be reduced. Image field variations caused through vibrations that occur during the study of thermal changes can be further reduced. Simultaneously, high-precision motorised focusing is possible by adjusting the vertical object distance to ± 0.5 microns.

Temperature measurement on microstructures with ImageIR® from InfraTec