ImageIR® 9300 – Best Performance for Highest Demands

High-speed Thermography with Megapixel Format

The new high-resolution thermographic camera ImageIR® 9300 by InfraTec is another top model of the high-end camera series ImageIR®. For the first time, a cooled Focal-Plane-Array photon detector of the latest generation with (1,280 x 1,024) IR pixels is used, which offers a four times higher resolution than previous high-class models. In combination with the outstanding thermal resolution of down to 0.02 K, the very high fullframe rate of up to 106 Hz and extremely short integration times of only a few microseconds, this systems opens up completely new fields of application. ImageIR® 9300 was designed for users with highest demands in the fields of research and development, object monitoring as well as microthermography and the analysis of extremely small structures.

Micro-thermography with ImageIR® 9300 from InfraTec
ImageIR® 9300 from InfraTec

Outstanding camera characteristics set new standards

  • Cooled FPA photon detector (1,280 x 1,024) IR pixels
  • Frame rate of up to 390 Hz, GigE-Vision interface
  • Snapshot detector, internal trigger interface
  • Extremely short integration times of only a few microseconds
  • Pixel resolution of 2 μm
  • Thermal resolution of down to 0.02 K
  • Quality from Germany
Electronics board with digitally zoomed detail display