Form for training course "Infrared thermography"

Participation fee including materials and examination fee:

  • User Training 650 EUR (plus VAT)
  • Building Thermography Seminar 385 EUR (plus VAT)
  • Thermography Software Seminar 395 EUR (plus VAT)
  • Photovoltaics-Thermography Seminar 385 EUR (plus VAT)
  • Thermography Course, Level 1: 2,500 EUR (plus VAT) that includes 1,750 EUR for five-day training as well as 750 EUR for the exam and certificate.
  • Thermography Days (free of charge)
  • Thermography Day "Research & Development" (free of charge)

Registrations less than five days before the official start of training (ten days for the Infrared Thermography Course, Level 1), will be charged with an administration fee due to organisational reasons. In addition, you will receive a registration confirmation, as well as directions to our location. Please note that we will charge an extra fee of 70 EUR (plus VAT) per person for cancellations after the registration date.

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