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Miniaturized detectors for the analysis of many gases

Multi channel detector LRM-254 from InfraTec

The new LRM-254 detector by InfraTec is a miniaturized four channel detector in TO39 housing, with an aperture of only five millimeters. In its cap a central window has been added. This significantly more robust broadband filter offers substantially better protection against penetrating moisture.

The channel filters are placed inside the detector. There, they are shielded from mechanical and physical stress, as well as from other strains from harsh environments – and they are also located even closer to the pyroelectric elements. This ensures a significantly wider field of view (FOV) as well as a higher signal. In addition, since the optical correspondence of the individual channels remains consistently low, the LRM-254 proves to be extremely powerful.

The miniaturized construction allows for more analysis channels with unchanged detector size. Or, the same number of channels can be integrated into significantly smaller packages. Especially users will benefit, who want to integrate sensors in mobile devices in the fields of gas and flame sensor technology.

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Press release about LRM-254
Data sheet LRM-254

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2015: Detectors in Single Supply Operation with High Sensitivity

Since 2014 new detectors LMM-274 and LIM-272 complete the product line with integrated CMOS preamplifier technology.

Detectors in Single Supply Operation with High Sensitivity

The power consumption of these two single supply detectors is about ten times lower than of our standard detectors: 80 µW for the LIM-272 and 160 µW for the LMM-274 at 2.7 V. Therefore, they are ideal for battery powered portable analyzers. The thermal compensation of these detectors ensures stable operation even under severe temperature fluctuations.

The LIM-272 comes with two channels so that you can use a measurement channel and a reference channel and can be used to identify alcohol or chlorinated hydrocarbons, for example.

With the LMM-274, InfraTec now offers a low-power detector with four channels, so that three gases can be measured simultaneously and a reference channel is also available.

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LIM-272 - Dual-channel detector in single supply operation
LMM-274 - Four-channel detector in single supply operation 

2015: Fast and High-Resolution Gas Sensors for the Energy Industry

Changes in the energy industry have generated a great need for affordable, high-resolution sensors for the measurement of the energy content of natural gas and other fuel gases. At the same time, the demand for more efficient appliances for routine monitoring and leakage detection has also increased.

Gas Sensors for the Energy IndustryIn order to quickly and accurately measure this, a new infrared spectrometric sensor was developed as part of the joint "SIRKO" project, which has significantly improved properties when compared to previous methods. Involved in this development was Dresden-based InfraTec.

The core of the innovation is a tunable micromachined Fabry-Pérot filter (μFPF). By using a higher order of interference, the spectral resolution could be improved from 60 nm to about 25 nm in the wavelength range of (3.1 … 3.7) µm. The dynamics of the filter was significantly improved by optimising the electro-mechanical design and enables scan frequencies of up to 10 Hz. As an additional option the simultaneous measurement of carbon dioxide in the wavelength range to 4.3 µm will be possible in the future by using the dual-band sensor.

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Press release XFP-3137
FPI detectors from InfraTec

2014: InfraTec’s microspectrometer detector with ASIC-control available

InfraTec is pleased to introduce a new exciting generation of detectors with integrated tunable Fabry-Pérot (FP) filter.

FPI detector with ASIC-control The new generation of detectors now features closed loop control driven by an integrated ASIC and EEPROM. Advanced continuous capacitance measurements allow to compensate for the influence of gravity, low frequency vibrations and temperature shifts. The closed loop control greatly improves center wavelength stability under the influence of changing gravity, e.g. by rotating the detectors inside a portable device. Therefore, ΔCWL is only ± 2 nm compared to up to ± 40 nm without closed loop control. The EEPROM contains all important calibration data for the detector operation and therefore, simplifies the component manageability. 

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Press release
FPI detectors from InfraTec

2012: Long-wave Fabry-Pérot detector

InfraTec constantly works on the extension and improvement of the group of variable color detectors with integrated tunable Fabry-Pérot-Filter. The latest development brought to the market is a new LFP-80105-337 covering the wavelength range between 8.0 to 10.5 µm. The region is called the fingerprint region due to it helps to identify the compound of different molecules by very specific absorption bands.

In medical applications the concentration of anesthesia gases or breath alcohol can be measured very precisely. As an example of industrial utilization, the evaluation of the transformer oil status by measuring dissolved gases can be mentioned.

FPI detectors from InfraTec

2009: Low power consumption detectors available

InfraTec has now finished the development of the new single channel detectors LME-336 and LME-352 with very low power consumption. These detectors can be used with a 3 V battery and are especially suitable for portable devices. Nevertheless they have nearly the same signal to noise ratio as our high performing detectors with integrated operational amplifiers and split supply.

Single channel detectors from InfraTec

2009: Miniature multi-color detectors

The group of multi channel detectors has been extended by the miniature 2-channel detector LIM-102 in TO46 housing and the 3-channel detector LIM-253 in TO39 housing. Especially for new compact gas sensing devices these detectors offer new design opportunities.

Multi channel detectors von InfraTec



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Aperture/Window Size (mm)

Current/Voltage Mode (CM/VM)


Temperature Compensated

Low Micro

Downloads and further information
LFP-3144C NewTO8-12tunableø1.9CMOpAmpyesyes 0.036PDF LFP-3144CLFP-3144C
LFP-3850C NewTO8-12tunableø1.9CMOpAmpyesyes 0.03PDF LFP-3850CLFP-3850C
LFP-5580C NewTO8-12tunableø2.0CMOpAmpyesyes 0.048PDF LFP-5580CLFP-5580C
LFP-80105C NewTO8-12tunableø2.0CMOpAmpyesyes 0.04PDF LFP-80105CLFP-80105C
LIM-272 NewTO39-42ø6CMOpAmpyesno 3.0
Info LIM-272Single supply operation
LME-336 NewTO39-315.0 x 5.0CMOpAmpyesyes 4.0
Info LME-336Single supply operation
LME-352 NewTO39-315.0 x 5.0CMOpAmpnoyes 1.5
Info LME-352Single supply operation
LMM-274 NewTO8-84ø9.5CMOpAmpyesyes 6.0
Info LMM-274Single supply operation
LRM-102 NewTO46-423.05 × 2.05VMJFETnono 4.0PDF LRM-102LRM-102
LRM-202 NewTO46-423.05 × 2.05VMJFETyesno 4.0PDF LRM-202LRM-202
LRM-254 NewTO39-845.0 x 5.0VMJFETyesno 4.7PDF LRM-254LRM-254
LRM-284 NewTO39-845.0 x 5.0CMOpAmpyesno 4.5PDF LRM-284LRM-284
XFP-3137 NewTO8-12tunableø1.8CMnonenono 0.034
Info XFP-3137FP Filter in fourth order of interference with PbSe photoresistor
*(500K, 10Hz, 1Hz, 25ºC, without window) [10E+8cmHz1/2/W]
2(400ºC, 10Hz, 1Hz, 25ºC) [10E+8cmHz1/2/W]


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