Nyxus Bird opens up new dimensions for mobile investigation and remote sensing

Infrared imager Nyxus Bird

Public authority operations such as observation, reconnaissance and rescue missions place high demands on mobile infrared imagers. Nyxus Bird, a multifunctional monitoring tool, is ideally suited for such versatile tasks. It is distinguished by an uncooled infrared detector in (640 × 480) IR pixels format, the thermal sensitivity of less than 0.08 K and the visual (7 × 40) monocular.

The military standard MIL-STD810F is complied with its robust, water and dust-proof housing. Apart from the basic version, InfraTec offers a long-range version. This allows users to detect persons at a distance of more than four kilometres and cars at a distance of about seven kilometres. This is also why Nyxus Bird has proved to be successful with border guard programs in Eastern Europe and North Africa.

Remote sensing with the mobile infrared imager Nyxus Bird

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