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Dear readers of the Infrared Reflexions,

You may have already noticed from the sticker that adorns our website and current publications: This year marks the 25th anniversary of the InfraTec GmbH. On June 24th 2016 it was a quarter of a century ago that the InfraTec was registered in the commercial register. We have celebrated this anni­versary with our workforce of about 200 and their families. In keeping with the motto „entirely in the family“, we all treated ourselves to a day off that was concluded with a wonderful summer party. This provided ample opportunity to look back: on great challenges, efforts and successes, as well as on the defeats of the past. At the same time, it became apparent what unites that very first handful of employees with the enormous team of today. It is the passion to develop innovations and bring them onto the market for the benefit of our customers.

For this reason, we are particularly proud to be able to set a new highlight again in the worldwide market of thermographic cameras. Our flagship ImageIR ® 10300 is opening up the door to Full HD thermography: with (1,920 × 1,536) IR pixels and 100 Hz frame rate, it is the first 3 megapixel thermographic camera offered commercially. The newsletter presents it in more details and we hope you enjoy reading.

Sincerest greetings from Dresden,

Dr. Matthias Krauß
Managing Director

New top model of the ImageIR ® series

In April 2016, InfraTec launched the ImageIR ® 10300. It is the world‘s first radiometric camera for industry and science with a cooled FPA detector in the (1,920 × 1,536) IR pixels format. The world premiere at the SPIE Defence and Commercial Sensing in the US city of Baltimore as well as the first European-wide presentation at the Hanover trade fair attracted a great deal of interest among experts. Many expert visitors were impressed by the possibilities that thermographic images in Full HD format offer.

Thermography in compact form

Thermography workshops have been enhancing the events offered by InfraTec since 2016. Our experts present the product range within just a few hours and you can ask specific questions concerning your applications. Apart from the workshops, there are also thermography user conferences and thermography roadshows. Here, the new developments of each year are always shown, among other things. You can find everything of significance concerning where and when at

Reduced, clear and without flourish

Logo InfraTec

InfraTec renews its appearance and with immediate effect operates under a newly designed logo. In comparison to its predecessor, the new signet has a considerably more modern, yet timeless look. It ties with the origins of the company and focuses on the characteristic combination of red and black. Thus, you can continue to recognise InfraTec at first glance.

The pixel millionaire – Radiometric thermal imaging camera with the largest cooled detector for industry and science

ImageIR® 10300 from InfraTec

For many years, InfraTec develops and produces the high-end camera series ImageIR ® at Dresden headquarters. The result has always been even more capable cooled thermography systems.  ImageIR ® 10300, new top model of the ImageIR ® series, follows this tradition. For the first time, the camera provides thermal images in Full HD.

Learn more about the high-end camera series ImageIR ® 10300

With new camera models users gain even more choice for entry to the top series

Camera series ImageIR® 4300/7300

The variety of models is expanding for the camera series VarioCAM ® High Definition and ImageIR ®. The camera series VarioCAM ® HDx includes the equipment lines „head“ for stationary solutions as well as „inspect“ and „research“ for mobile applications. Two new models ImageIR ® 4300/7300 increase the camera series ImageIR ®.

Further information about the camera series ImageIR ® 4300/7300 and VarioCAM ® HDx

Nyxus Bird opens up new dimensions for mobile investigation and remote sensing

Infrared imager Nyxus Bird

Public authority operations such as observation, reconnaissance and rescue missions place high demands on mobile infrared imagers. Nyxus Bird, a multifunctional monitoring tool, is ideally suited for such versatile tasks. 

Learn more about the infrared imager Nyxus Bird

Industry leader VarioCAM ® High Definition reaches the next level

VarioCAM® High Definition

How worthwhile the continuous work on a development can be is demonstrated by the current detector generation of the camera series VarioCAM ® High Definition. The success model among the professional and universal cameras with uncooled microbolometer detectors is gaining in performance as well. 

Learn more about the camera series VarioCAM ® High Definition

Comprehensive service as a recipe for success

Comprehensive service as a recipe for success

A quarter of a century of InfraTec – this means more than just 25 years of selling thermography systems. Ever since the founding of InfraTec, the comprehensive customer service is one of the corner­stones of its policy. 

Learn more about the service at InfraTec

Well-known customers rely on our expertise in numerous fields

Monitoring solar tower power plants automatically

Monitoring solar tower power plants automatically under extreme climatic conditions
In the Atacama Desert, one of the world's largest solar tower power plants is being built. In the future, Solar Power Tower Check (SPTC) will monitor the optimum heat distribution of the power plants absorber using a total of eight infrared cameras. Often refrigerants still contain fluorocarbons. 

High-speed thermography on nickel-titanium wires

High-resolution high-speed thermography on nickel-titanium wires in tension test
Often refrigerants still contain fluorocarbons. Alternative cooling technologies renounce use of such greenhouse gases. Scientists from Saarland University, for instance, investigate ferroelastic cooling. This form of cooling uses Nickel-Titanium-wires, which deformation causes thermal energy.

Learn more about what our customers think

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